Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life is zipping by

Dear Baby Girl and Lady Bug,

Our days are passing by, some more quickly than others. You both are realizing how much of the world is yours now that you are One.

I realize it, too. The way your body has evolved from tiny little squirmy, squishy blobs to strong, powerful tools that you use to get where you need to be. Your growth in the last year -- in the last few months -- is amazing to me, your mother. It's hard to believe a year ago you were so new, so fresh, so unknown to me.

I didn't know then that blueberries would become your favorite food, that you would use your highchair tray as a windshield and your arm as the wiper. I didn't know then that you would shake your head, bounce your body and flip your wrist to the tune of a Winnie the Pooh book, a lullaby, a rock song. I didn't know that you would gladly, happily start clapping when my terrible voice rings out yet another, "If your happy" tune. I didn't know that "duh" would be duck and "bah" would mean book. I had no idea that books would become your favorite toys, your favorite pastimes. I didn't know the joy and warmth I would feel to see your lips pucker and wrap around the syllables in "mama."

All I knew then, a year ago, is that you were all mine to love and care for and that I was in charge of your life. Since then, you've told me different. You are all mine to love and care for, but I am by no means in charge. You teach me what is best every single day when a stuffed puppy, a new toy or a sight of Dada brings that special gleam in your eyes. You are patient with me when I have no idea why you are crying. You are gentle with me when you know I have too many worries on my mind.

We walk this journey together, you and I.