Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Scarlet "M"

For a long time, during my fights for the disadvantaged, I spent countless hours advocating for the underprivileged who were black, Hispanic, and poor.

I still make those same arguments now, in the working world, but I've added in mothers, too.

I wear the Scarlet M. Do you?

Where ever I go, it's there sitting on my chest. It's in my clothes. It's in my walk. It's in my head. Following me. Pulling me. Holding my hand.

Everything from automatic flushing toilets to the way parking lots are configured are clearly inventions and creations and engineering constructed only by men who were not fathers, or were fathers who were too busy creating a life outside of fatherhood.

And the paternalistic attitudes. I've seen them a lot lately. I've fought against them. I'm trying to tell the powers that be who are aging yet still full of cash about what they're missing. Of course, I'm doing it nicely, womanly, sweetly as possible. We're a new generation of mothers. A new generation of women.

But inside I'm angry, filling up with anger and ready to send outbursts into the air that say something like girls matter, women matter, mothers matter and what the hell are you thinking?
We're mothers; not poison, not caged animals. Not covered in snot. Not germy. My kids scream, so what? My kids cry, a lot, so what? I deserve to eat out, too, you know. I can't afford a babysitter for that stupid event. (And, hey, my girl twins are now peeing on the potty, ya'll!)

I'm on a destiny to change everything related to mothers and women and raising girls right now. Something's gotta give.

I wear the Scarlet M. Do you?

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LauraC said...

I wear my scarlet M proudly. LOVE this post!!

(and we had our first experience with automatic flushing toilets last week and I KNOW what you mean!!!)

Shannon said...

Yeah for peeing on the potty!!!!

That's one of the benefits I've found living here in a "retirement community", even when my boys are climbing up the back of a seat in the restaraunt to pull at some lady's cotton candy hair, they are greeted with a smile and a story about their own grandchildren. BUT,I do agree with you. Navigating with children in the world designed for us is not an easy task!
(by the way...this whole winter I have pretty much been covered in snot! lol)

m e l i f e r a said...

Yep, I know all about the Scarlet M... Great post. I'll definitely be checking back!