Thursday, April 16, 2009

Worlds Apart -- A confession

Shh. I'm at work today and it's quiet and I'm alone. Everyone's out, busy, gone and not bugging me with insanity. And I'm taking it easy. Real easy.

Which means it's time to confess something to you.

I've been cheating. I've not been reading your mom blogs. Well, not much of them.

For the better part of the last two years, I've been reading and enjoying a whole other set of blogs that for the longest time I always admired from afar.

While being a mom is still prominent in my head, it's not what I am interested in writing about on this blog anymore.

The truth is that I am considering a change. A big one. And so, while I'll wait for this change to express itself to me, I'm leaving some space here. A pause.

Sit still with me for a while.

Thank you for visiting today.

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