Monday, September 28, 2009

When all is Found

Our home has finally sold after two very long, excruciating years of a terrible market. In that time, much has changed within these walls and beyond. And we are ready. More than ready.

We are leaving our urban neighborhood where we can wander along cracked sidewalks and littered streets all while listening to raw, thumping music and curse words waft through the air like smells of Arroz con Pollo.

Leaving is such a harsh word for such a harsh place. It wasn't always this way. In fact, it was nothing of the sort then -- before kids. And yet by leaving we will still be just two minutes away. Two. That's it.

Now, we're packing and sorting and Purging in a great way for a house that lives in harmony with the Earth with just the right sunlight to warm its bones during the winter days and sunken into the dirt to cool it in the summers. It sits on nearly two acres of land with near two dozen lovely trees for me to rest my eyes on and sit my dreams on and escape under. On our recent visit, we weren't the only ones visiting: a fox and a groundhog trotted in the backyard and we watched from the sunroom.

It took six years living here to know who we were as a family, to know what we needed and wanted and longed for -- peace, quiet, balance, nature.

A month seems so far away and yet I can't sleep at night at the weight of it all. The mounds of stuff I honestly can't remember why we need. The fear of too much stuff and not enough truck or hands or able bodies. The change from lights 24/7 to darkness and perfect vision to the stars and a moon to go to sleep to each night instead of, well, some more negative things.

We have been blessed to live where few middle-income Americans have lived, and experienced a life some could not even imagine. We have learned about real people living real lives in poverty. And I'm not just talking about the monetary sense of that word.

There's too much to do, too much to remember and not enough time to mess with it all. Because we have a life too full of beautiful nows to live. The precious sleep in a room down the hall. The house is a true disaster.

And we could not be any happier.

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