Sunday, February 4, 2007

A gift for life

Dear Baby Girl and Lady Bug:

If you could only see me; crouching down, peering through a tiny crack in the door, soaking in the giggles ringing out from the crib you share just before bed. The door, the wall, the crib slats all obstruct the view I can't get enough of, yet, in my mind I envision years upon years in just a few minutes.

Lady Bug, you crack up as your sister "walks" unassisted as if she isn't just a crawler and then topples face first into the matress. Then, Baby Girl, you watch as Lady Bug stands, and falls down before even taking a step. Your innocent, curious laughter is a highlight of my day and your father's.

Just in the last week, the two of you, despite rarely being apart for more than a few minutes at a time in your lives, have discovered each other. You play chase (Baby Girl crawls fast after you Lady Bug), you mimic each other's every move and, sorry to say this, but sounds. Lady Bug sneezes, Baby Girl mimics. Baby Girl passes gas; Lady Bug mimics.

And, Mama laughs.

You don't know this yet, but the two of you were given the most important, the most amazing gift you will ever get just seconds after you were born: each other. Your bond will last a lifetime, if you let it. No one you ever meet will take the place of your sister, the only person you have literally done everything with your entire life.

While you couldn't be more different, you are definitely twins. Nothing I do as a mom can prevent you from having sisterly squabbles, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that you know to always return to each other with open arms, despite the differences you will experience.

I envy the bond that lies before you. When you graduate high school, you will have a special person to share that feeling with. You have instant maid of honors built into your life, automatic "shower throwers," and a best friend for life, if you choose.

After all, it will be your twin sister who will know your past, your history, your quirks.

Whether you appreciate it or not; she's yours forever.

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