Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Science Experiments

Yes, Baby Girl. Yes, Lady Bug.

Plastic spoons do fling quite well across the kitchen floor.

Peas squished so eloquently between your hands do turn to a watery, mushy mess.

Milk does make a nice paint color on the blue rug, the terra cotta tiles, your clothes.

I also like how the milk dribbles down your chin, down your chest and onto your pants. That is why I take the cup away so often.

No, I didn't know that metal dishes made such a loud noise when thrown three, four, five, ten times!

I never saw anyone fling Cheerios quite that way before. It's neat how they scatter all over your tray and onto the floor.

Yes, it is funny how when you eat a blue crayon that you get that wax taste on your teeth. You should see what it looks like, too.

It is neat to see how you try to defy gravity by standing on toys you shouldn't stand on. I agree, it wasn't neat to see you fall off.

I didn't really want those dish towels and wash cloths in the drawer anyway. The floor is a much better storage location. Thank you.

I suppose I should have known that when a plastic sippy cup is thrown at just the right angle, with just enough baby force, it will explode onto the floor. Even better when there is milk inside! And, it's on the carpet.

No, Baby Girl. No, Lady Bug.

I didn't learn any of these science experiments in school.

That's what you are for!

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Katie said...

Cute! I think I like this one the best! : )