Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy motherly moments

It's no secret that 2 has been kicking my ass.
In fact, that might be an understatement.

However, in an effort to pretend that everything is perfect and sunshiny I am focusing on the positive moments today. This week. Maybe it will be a list to incorporate every week from here on out. At least until this phase of obstinacy moves past us.

Here are some happy motherhood moments sticking in my mind lately.

  1. Watching the girls eyes go wide as they went down the big slides at their first carnivals with their daddy -- twice in one weekend.
  2. Hearing the words: More ice keem; no likey; i sorry, mommy; Nana, look! Fire truck!; bun (which means fun); and, I wuv u whispered in my ear as a secret.
  3. Seeing the two of them learn to really play and mimic with their dolls. Watching them feed them cereal or "lunch" with a spoon, give bottles, wrap them, unwrap them in blankets, push them in shopping carts, put them down to sleep only to wake them back up in seconds. The way they hold them and nurture them shows me that I've done my job even if it doesn't feel that way most of the time anymore.
  4. Helping them make a tall stack of blocks just so they can knock them over and hear them crash.
  5. And, finally, wanting to twirl along with them as they spin and spin and spin in the prettiest dresses in all of the land during music class.

Thank you for visiting today.

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Michelle (The Beartwinsmom) said...

Hang on tight, sweetheart. The toddler years go by way too fast. Keep blogging about it, putting up pictures, and sharing your heart. My duo is going to be 8 in January, and it has gone by way too bloody fast. I don't have babies anymore and it breaks my heart.

Cherish it, Shawn, the good and the bad.

Threeundertwo said...

I think I'm dizzy. That's adorable!

justagirl said...

sweet video... I agree with michelle, it does go by far too fast... I have 12 years between my two and it is so nice having 2 year old Ben because he is the wonderful little person he is but he is also bringing back wonderful memories of 14 year old Hannah when she was 2. If that makes sense?

good idea to document some of those good memories as well as the bad, at the time we often dwell on the bad but in time it is the good I remember more.


Marnie said...

I stumbled upon your blog while reading "How do you do it." I just wanted to say that it is incredibly refreshing to hear another Mother of twins speak the truth about the insanity you live in for the first however many years. You don't sugar coat things and I LOVE THAT. My girls are 19 months old and while I wouldn't trade it for the world there are many many days when driving off into the sunset - alone - sounds all too appealing. I've been told it gets better and I'm holding on for that. Keep speaking the TRUTH! The world needs to hear and understand how difficult it is to be a mother of twins!!!!

The Dad said...

i could watch that all day.

RocketMom said...

"in an effort to pretend that everything is perfect"

don't pretend. it is okay that it is not perfect. it can be imperfect, frustrating, exhausting, exacerbating, even infuriating, but still delightful. the paradox is life, right?

hang in there.

justagirl said...

in response to marnie when Ben was little I used to look out the window at the old people who would stagger, limp, shuffle past our house from the home down the road and think please can we swap lives forever... You be me and I will be you (thinking their forever wasn't going to be as long as mine).

And I only had one child to cope with, so I couldn't even start to fathom how it is for you guys with twins.