Monday, February 16, 2009

The image in the mirror

I've looked long and hard at myself lately in reflections in the microwave or the dirty car window and even in the mirror. I'm surprised to see myself there because I hardly recognize the person in front of me.

She has lines of aging and sagging skin around her greenish brown eyes that used to be the highlight of her face.

Her teeth, more yellow now than ever, have shifted in their roots and are now crooked where they never were before.

She's heavier. Her clothes hardly fit. Even the new, bigger ones.

The sight is not pretty, and it leaves me wondering where did I go wrong? All of this has happened in the last three years. Some, in the last year or two.

Is it too late to reverse the signs of aging, I wonder?

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justagirl said...

Oh my goodness it sounds like you are looking at my reflection!!!

I am also wondering whether it is too late to put a stop to what is happening in the mirror. But have you been shopping for the products that claim to do this? There are just so, so many of them, how do you decide! And the scary ladies that ask if they can help, they were just not natural. I walked out of the shop very briskly.

I think one sticks in my mind from TV advertising... I think it is Nivea it combats the 7 signs of aging... that has got to be a good thing.

Karen Maezen Miller said...

On of the most alarming signs of aging is the mirror. Seriously, meditation works.

jena strong said...

Drink tons of water. Sleep more. Vitamin D. I see it, too. I think it is called, in a word, motherhood. I am convinced that multiple sessions (for a pay-what-you-can fee) with this energy worker are helping me get my mojo back: She might do distance work...

Much love!

Shelli said...

I know how you feel because I do this too, but I was just thinking while reading your post that it's too bad we look in the mirror and see age and think "we've gone wrong" instead of realizing how much we've learned, how much we've matured, and what wonderful things we do each day being a mother.

kisatrtle said...

I'm starting to look a lot more like my mother and it is starting to freak me out too.

Shannon said...

Now that the birthday is over, are you feeling better? I don't ever think about my age until a birthday rolls around. They should be banned.
Hope you're doing well.

m e l i f e r a said...

Yep, I'm aging, too, and the mirror is definitely showing this. And yet, I feel more comfortable in my skin than ever. I think part of the reason we look so great when we're young is because we're too insecure to deal with anything else! It's a testament to how wise we're becoming that we're able to deal with the outward signs of aging (although I forget all of this when I'm PMSing!!).