Friday, August 15, 2008

Enlightened, for a moment

There's dew on the railing. A mountain of sand before me. I rub my eyes, clutch my yoga bag and head straight for her.

She's vast, open and lush with sea foam.

She's deep, harsh and scary, too.

I spread out my mat along the crystal sand specks along her shore and stretch my arms out to her, wanting her to wrap her arms around me. I breathe in everything she offers, and it is everything.

I sit. And wait.

Wait for the quiet inside to squelch even the sounds of her crashing waves, a sound I dream about, a sound I long to hear over and over. Seconds. No, no minutes, pass. Hours, maybe.

And then it happens.

Peace. A smile. Lost tension. Light as a feather. Filled with nothing but sea salt air, and compassion.

And a profound respect for my God, Mother Earth.

Then, like magic, I turn and we continue building the most awesome sand castle around.


Threeundertwo said...

I think I just lost a little tension too.

Great imagery.

Jena Strong said...

This is delicious.

Shannon said...

Heaven in a moment. :-)

Jaina said...

I feel like I should drive down to the beach after work and just sit there. I love the ocean, it's so relaxing.

Stacy (mama-om) said...

Hello -- I just found your blog from Cheerio Road and I love this post!

I love the reverence for the power of nature and the sweetness of the scene with your family. I can identify deeply with both!

Thank you.


Sandy said...

I found your blog today and am enjoying it immensely! Your family is an inspiration!