Sunday, November 23, 2008

And, what exactly did you do?

Thank goodness the Terrible Twos are almost over ... because I can tell already that the Thrilling Threes are going to be one big, fat Hair Pulling/Pinching/Spitting/Pushing/Screaming/Chattering Party. Who-hoo!!

And, I wanted to be a mother because ... ??? (It's a joke, folks. Really. Sort of.)

Despite the brilliance of how my almost-3-year-olds treat each other and us, their parents, we did manage to have a very good weekend that included starting to make our Advent calendar, which will hang on the wall on a string, their own holiday place mats and the cutest snowmen I've ever seen!

Not just that, I cleaned. I really cleaned, and that includes de-cluttering and tossing out stuff.

And then I baked. Granola. Pumpkin/Chocolate Chip muffins. Finally, I cooked risotto in the crock pot. I'm very impressed with myself. Perhaps this working-life-mother balance beam isn't so difficult after all.

I like weekends that result in some relaxing -- our second movie night went well but the movie was too old for the girls -- and productivity. In fact, I'm a results kinda girl in just about anything I do. So long as we have art work to display, I am cool with a morning of crying. Same goes for my weekends: I like to get things done. I consider relaxing one of those things.

This week's dinners will be super easy and ready instantly: Total working mom fare.

Sunday -- Risotto and salmon cakes (salmon, mayo, dried mustard, bread crumbs, cheese, egg)
Monday -- Quesadillas (beans and cheese served with salsa and sour cream) and salad, rice
Tuesday -- Burgers + Fries
Wednesday -- Butternut Squash soup, WHO bread and salad (leftovers for the girls)
Thursday -- Thanksgiving dinner -- Sweet potato casserole
Friday -- Homemade pizza (I plan to start making this and freezing)
Saturday -- Spaghetti with meatballs, salad and bread
Sunday -- Tuna casserole

I'm going with each breakfasts this week: muffins and yogurt with homemade granola, cereal and fruit bars and yogurt and eggs and toast. I'm growing quite tired of putting effort into meals for the almost-3-year-olds, frankly, and so as long as they eat a crumb of something, I feel I'm doing my job. Yes, the bar is THAT low.

For more menus, visit Menu Planning Monday. Please share a recipe of yours that's a no-brainer, on the table in under 15 minutes. Come on ... you know we all need new ideas.

Thank you for visiting today.

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LauraC said...

Thanks for the tip on Polar Express... the boys LOVED it and it will be making its way with us on our road trip this week.

I'm so very glad to hear the working mom thing is coming along. I think it takes some time to learn some new routines. I'd love to hear a post-mortem sometime on how you feel now that the girls have been in day care for awhile.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

justagirl said...

I totally get the, it's a joke, sort of thing... I do that all the time, say something about being a mum then see the look on the faces around me and back track. Some people are just in denial of what is the reality of being a mum.

I hate to say this but this time round I have found the tiresome threes harder then the terrible twos. Although my daughter was a better three year old then Ben. You just never know what you are going to get. Now my daughter is 15 and has snuck out of the house while staying with her grandparents to go to a party after being told she wasn't aloud to go! I really don't know which is worse the three year old that changes his mind within a split second 7935 times in a day or the 15 year old!!!

Now I have made myself mad thinking about my unruly children, my quick an easy recipe for tea tonight will be a marmite sandwhich... and they can all make there own!

I have asked myself why am I here quite a few times this week... why did I want to be a mum? just kidding... kind of... : )

kisatrtle said...

Thanks for the post. Now I feel like a slacker. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

She She said...

I love the Year of Crockpotting site. I've had some great success with her recipes. I'll try the risotto.

This weekend I cleaned, sewed, grocery shopped, posted, and tended a sick two-year old. Now I'm back at work getting the rest I deserve!

Jaina said...

Ahh, cleaning and de-cluttering. I keep meaning to do that...

Threeundertwo said...

I keep telling my husband "next time, we are SO not having kids!"

I haven't had great luck getting my kids to eat risotto. I love it. I need to try a new recipe. Which brings me to say thanks for the great link! I would love to get my act together enough to post my menus for Monday. Great idea!