Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4, 2008

Vote for hope.

Vote for change.

Vote for yourself.

Vote for our country.

Vote for the thousands of white, black and brown volunteers making this a campaign about YOU, AND ABOUT ME.

Vote for your neighbors.

Vote for my neighbors.

Vote for Mother Earth.

Vote for humanity.

Vote for the future.

Vote for that smile.

Vote for That One.

Vote for the next generation.

Vote like your life depends on it.

Vote like your job depends on it.

Because it does.

If it rains, call for a ride. If it pours, run to the polls. If the line is long, just wait -- wait minutes, wait hours, but please just wait.

Just vote.

And, in honor of Obama's grandmother, who died just one day before she would have learned his fate in American politics, I give you this quote from him, a man too kind for his own good. From the New York Times:

“She was one of those quiet heroes that we have all across America,” Mr. Obama said. “They’re not famous. Their names are not in the newspapers, but each and every day they work hard. They aren’t seeking the limelight. All they try to do is just do the right thing. In this crowd there are a lot of quiet heroes like that.”

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Goddess in Progress said...


(I hope... good lord, I'm going to get an ulcer before this is all over.)

justagirl said...

I wish you all the best for today and I hope you get the outcome you want, need...

we also have elections for a possible new prime minister this weekend too.