Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Simple things

I'm working from home today, which means I'm not working as much as I should. But, to my credit, I am TRYING to work through this terrible sinus infection that even on Day 3 of antibiotics doesn't seem to be budging out of my system.

I'm falling behind in everything blog related, even linking to those great In 8 Years posts that a few of you did. I will update your list very soon!

In the meantime, I've been thinking about money, and spending, and Christmas/holidays and what it means to me this year. There's much more to this year than before.

First, the economy in which our first thought it so save our money and stash it away, in case ... of something worse. To protect it. But, then there's this argument she made so boldly that has me thinking differently.

Secondly, unlike many Americans, we're actually doing better right now. We have money to spend, to save, and to cover our expenses, even the most frivolous. This does not mean I want to blow it all, frivolously. Rather, I'd love to spend it on some quality things that in the past has only been used to replace the cheaper things that fell apart.

Thirdly, there's Christmas, and being a mother of two very silly little girls who just get so amazed by just about anything and wanting to truly go overboard with wowing them this season. Not just with presents on Christmas morning, but with the joyous traditions of new and old that this time of the year can only bring.

Fourthly, it's about family and wanting to have those movie-like moments with all our family around, baking cookies and singing songs and breaking bread and knowing that that dream will be just that, again, this year as family ties are so broken and scattered about with disregard.

I felt this way last year, but the stakes were much higher last year, and the girls were less aware, less involved in our decisions and more just along for the ride. I was at my peak of money-management learning in which I learned not only how to be frugal, but to truly go without for many things. It's a balance beam to stay in that mindset, even when the checkbook -- or Chunky Purse -- isn't as tight.

This past Saturday we instituted our first Movie Night, which included their first-ever movie: The Polar Express. It was a very wise choice for a first movie, both in the timing of the year and in the nature of the film -- it's spirit and gentleness, and gift to all. Both, especially Liana, watched in awe as the characters and everything around them came to life in ways they had never seen before. It was the power of film unfolding before OUR eyes. Daddy Dan teared up, and still does just thinking about it. It was a night to remember.

Which leads me to my last thought: I want more of those moments. More gifts that wow and leaves us in awe. Passion and lust. I want to feel free to want. I want to feel free to live. I want to feel content with wanting it all, and then some.

And, I want to feel completely wowed by nothing at all.

If it's possible.

That's said, I saw this cute necklace on Etsy and just wanted to pass it along as a simple gift to you, too.

Thank you for visiting today.

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The Margin Wight said...

Hey sorry you're sick. My only economic suggestion is to save the money and share the love. You'll need both in the coming years. Those cute little girls grow up and move away, sigh, and they want you to pay their tuition. And hey, lady, what gives? I follow your blog but my ugly mug doesn't appear up there to the right with all your followers. What's that about, I wonder?

Jaina said...

I hope you get better soon, sick is no fun, especially sinus infections. I love your ideas and desires, I share so many of them, and I think they're absolutely perfect. :)

justagirl said...

I hope you feel better soon...

I was wanting a nice Christmas movie to share with my little Ben and the Polar Express sounds just the ticket.

A really nice idea collecting wow moments.

When we have them I make sure I talk about them often with my children so they stay in their minds.


Shannon said...

The boys are now discovering the magic of movies, too. We're thinking about taking them to the theatre for that new 3-D kid's movie, though I don't know how long they'd sit still. They're also already excited about Christmas. Tye wants to sit on Santa's lap and tell him he wants sand. I laugh everytime he says that cuz I think, yeah...that's what mommy wanted last year! lol
Anyway, hope you feel better in a few days. Darn cold weather.

ps. sorry I haven't been around much, I'm obsessing over a new book and spending every spare moment researching. Life is good. :-)

Dawn Johnson said...

Thank you for posting that adorable necklace. I ended up buying 6 for our nieces since they are trendy, sweet and inexpensive! I hope you get well soon!!