Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How I'd like to pick a president -- and 7 things

No other show besides Sex and the City has been able to capture my interest and devotion since 90210.

Here's 7 Reasons Why American Idol has kept my Tuesday and Wednesday nights from winter to spring filled for the last six years -- and continues to do so in this Seventh Season.

1. Ryan Seacrest. I love Ryan. In the land of TV hosts where it's truly hit or miss, he just gets it. He knows how to move the storyline along, he comes across as charismatic and caring and he pulls very few punches to the fellow judges as in calling out Randy yawning before the show started last night. To me, Ryan makes the show interesting between performances, which is something I haven't found happening on Dancing with the Stars.

2. The judges: Change the judges on American Idol and the show is doomed. Randy offers a realistic standpoint and keeps it real while Paula always offers something nice and optimistic, making supporters of all of them feel better. And, Simon brings drama. (We almost always agree with Simon's assessments.)

3. The directing: Watching Dancing with the Stars Monday night -- a quick fix for a night without Idol -- and my feet shake with boredom. I just want the next couple to dance. If I'm going to NOT to anything, it has to be for really good TV. That just wasn't and I don't think I saw more than three couples dance. It made me appreciate all that the directors and the producers of American Idol put into their show. Not a second passes when I'm not amused or touched or impressed. I do not wish the time to pass. I stay up late to watch it all. I actually skip writing for three nights in a row to tune in. For a girl who hardly turns the TV on all day, that is saying a lot.

4. The dream-factor: One of my biggest jobs as a journalist has been to seek out voices not typically heard and realize that so many great voices in America have gone undiscovered is amazing to me. It just goes to show how easily we pass by talented people because, perhaps, they aren't packaged how we want them to be. It also just goes to show that with a really hard work -- and some repackaging -- dreams can come true.

5. The music: I've never been one for heavy television or movies, especially close to bedtime. Music-tv is a great solution to a long, stressful day. It's a great way to unwind. To just be. I'd like to think that one day our Liana -- a naturally good singer already -- will grace that stage with her own.

6. Be the judge: Let's face it. How can you not think you are the talent scout? I find it hard to believe that anyone can tune in just once and never return because it's so easy to think you know who's going to win. Truthfully, we've been predicting winners in our house for years now. Dan called Kelly Clarkson. I called (sadly) Ruben Studdard. It's pretty clear who will be the winner this year as well, but voters can pull some surprises.

7. For Democracy: I've said for a few seasons now that we should hold an American Idol-like contest for the American presidency. This may seem like a joke, but this idea would be a solution for many of the great big reasons voting has become so ridiculous in our country.

First of all, all Americans regardless of location or line of transportation can get to a phone these days. Second of all, Americans are so misinformed and misguided as to what the ACTUAL issues are because the media only talk about the Melodrama of the day and the debates -- also led by the news-hungry media are on cable and not everyone has cable.

Thirdly, this idea would pull a great number of candidates that aren't currently fitting into that mold Americans currently think a president must fit into. Let's face it we're all a bit dulled by the same-old, same-old, which is why Obama is doing so well. By forcing candidates to put on their best game on each and every issue -- no campaign money necessary so save that for the important stuff like health care -- perhaps a real conversation about what really matters would begin.

Of course, I'm not asking for presidential candidates to sing ... silly. To give speeches, make decisions on live TV in front of millions, etc.

Well, that's my soapbox for today.

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Shannon said...

Ha, this is great. The dream factor is a big one for me, too. There's nothing better than watching someone get to live their dream, doing something they were born to do. Very inspiring...and addictive. :-)