Thursday, March 13, 2008

Leaves, trees and smiles OH MY

To say that myself and my friends Deanna and Shannon -- also twin moms -- are ready for spring is pretty much an understatement.

In fact, I hereby refuse to wear a winter coat. The green of our plants and flowers are just starting to peek up through the ground and after Saturday the chances of snow are pretty minimal.

So, this means we made it! We did it. We made it through a winter with twin 2-year-olds.

That's not to say that failed finger painting, messy thank you cards and endless tantrums weren't fun ... just that hallelujah we can get outside every day so long as a Tornado isn't in the forecast!

So, to celebrate, Deanna and I and our two sets of twins set out twice -- THAT IS TWO TIMES -- this week to let the wild beasts run.

And run they did. They also climbed stadium-type steps three times, ran suicides in a tennis court, jumped (while others sat) in rain puddles and that was just one day.

The next day was more like a vacation at a state park, where they played in leaves, walked around and played under a fabulous tree.

And then this happened:

Any idea how many frames it took to get this one shot where they are all looking at the camera while sitting on logs? At least eight ... because the last one is this one:

Other favorites SPRING IS NEARLY HERE PHOTOS from the day are these:

(Look closer and you'll see Jadyn practicing toddler log rolling.)

How are you feeling about the Coming of Spring?

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Ribbon Rain-Bows said...

Those pictures are WONDERFUL! And, yes, I'm ready for Spring too...can't get here fast enough, LOL!

bella said...

We've been feeling the spring fever here too.
And how am I feeling about it?
Like I could not just take my coat off by every last piece of clothing, and run through the streets in manic gratitude that we made it through this hard winter.
p.s. these pics are wonderful!

Shelli said...

What cutie pies! Oh, yes, yes. I've been ready for spring for a long time.

Shannon said...

Is it really true??? Spring???? Yesssss! Bring it on. By the way, only 8 attempts to get the pic where they are all looking? That's impressive! :-)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I love that picture where they are all looking away from the camera. It reminds me of one when my kids were little. I was trying to take a picture and in every shot they were looking at the ground -- I finally said, "Hey, guys! Look up!" And the next picture is of their chins -- because they did look up -- straight up into the sky!

marta said...

Living in the south means cabin fever isn't really anything at all, but all the same, your pictures make me want to run around outside too. May spring come quickly with lots of fun and peace in store.

Candace & Anna said...

Our Spring is pretty much here. Bringing with it the itchy eyes and occasional cough not to mention my car looks yellow instead of silver lol. I might complain but I thoroughly enjoy being outside 95% of the day!