Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cracks and alignments -- A week of updates

I thought I could do it. When I wrote it, I firmly believed I was through; done forever. Freed from its warm, delicate embrace.

I was wrong.

I am as much a coffee drinker now as I was this time last year and the years before that.

So much for that personal goal.

In fact, I've decided that the studies say that two cups is actually good for you, that it helps me be more productive and, above all, it makes me happy.

When the toddlers are crying and pushing and pulling over yet another THING and it's not even 9 a.m., I have my cup in hand, ready for the battle. It's my weapon. It's my sanity. It's my happy doused heavily with cream and sugar.

Maybe next year that will be a goal I stick with.


How do you take your happy? Whatever it is.

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lesleysmeshly said...

Girl, give me coffee and then give me more! I have a big old cup in the morning and in the afternoon I make espresso, add some chocolate syrup and milk and call it a day!!! I would CRY if I had to give it up, especially now that I feel so worn out all the time.

marta said...

Never mess with mama's coffee.

Another thing that makes me happy--driving on a great road, windows down, music loud...cup of coffee nearby too.

Shannon said...

With soy milk and lots of sugar, thank you very much. Why would you ever try to give up something so good for your soul? :-)
Oh, but I have to wait until their naptime to have mine, because apparently the love of coffee is hereditary and if they see a cup, they are both pulling at my pants screaming "coffee!" One of the words they say remarkably clearly.
My grandmother would be so proud of them. She was the original family coffee fanatic.

Anonymous said...

I take my happy in a bottomless cup, thank you. So I think I'll join you.

She She said...

Coffee and red wine are SO good for you. Guilt is not.

(So sayeth me.)

bella said...

It would seriously wound me if I had to give up my coffee. oh how I love it.
I take mine with a splash of cream, but it must be REAL cream, none of this non fat nonsense.

Carey said...

Coffee is my addiction too. I am also a Choco-holic and enjoy red wine (I have rationalized the health benefits to each!) LOL.

Kitty said...

I think with twins you need coffee. Without it you would die. And that would be no good for anyone.

My eldest is known to ask me "mommy, have you had your coffee yet?" when I'm having a tough morning.

And better yet, if I fly off the handle at the younger ones, he'll come over and say "mommy, have some coffee and you'll feel better".

Life is too short to feel guilty about that.

RocketMom said...

Lots of small indulgences: A good cup of coffee (preferably a mocha). A long hot shower, or better, a steamy bath. Most forms of chocolate. Hugs. Fresh flowers. Fragrant body lotion.
Getting out of the house. Smiles and giggles. A time out, for everyone.

Can't get all of them every day, but I enjoy happy however I can get it.

village mama said...

I understand your coffee addiction, I mean 'appreciation' ;-)

My happy includes: ground-and-brewed-at-home + splash of milk; daily long walk/yoga/stretch; laughing.

Shelli said...

I am a coffee drinker too, although I switched to decaf. I think the caffeine was giving me headaches. I figure with all the good things I eat, I can allow myself a few bad things. I eat pretty good on average.