Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mama-Stay (AKA: Namaste)

Yet another of my million goals for this year was a combination of focus on one thing, and one thing only and to meditate.

This intersection of wanting to accomplish so much, yet never really accomplishing anything is the No. 1 flaw holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. I know this.

And, unfortunately, I haven't progressed in this area as much as I would like. In fact, I've done very little meditating since I wrote that post. Maybe I haven't needed it; maybe I'm fooling myself.

In fact, my mind is still a racing machine with thoughts about my fictional characters, freelance sources, new publications, which closets need straightened and what needs packed before the house goes back on the market and, above all, what we're going to do today. And, it's all urgent. It all needs addressed right. this. very. second. One of Jena's recent posts at Bullseye, Baby! spoke to me in this regard.

I have, however, been better at juggling only a couple tasks at a time at certain days of the week. For instance, naps are always to work on deadline work. Weekends are for finding new freelance work. Mornings are devoted to my novel. That still leaves a lot of other stuff that's being squeezed in or left out.

But, this week I am wearing just one hat. Well, two, I guess.

This week, I'm just being a mom. OK, a Mama with dreams and a novel, but I'm taking this week off from all other obligations. And, it's the best thing I've done for us in a long time.

One of our favorite activities lately has been doing Yoga at home. Jadyn and Liana love, love, love this fun exercise.

"Yo-wa! Yo-wa!" they yell out in anticipation. The Yoga Kids: ABC DVD walks us through a motion for each letter, like Alligator for A. We lay on our bellies with legs straight and arms out in front, chomping like big teeth.

"Chomp. Chomp. Chomp."

It makes us all giggle and for the last three weeks we've been hooked and doing it almost daily.

Today, just before N started, they started chanting

"Mamastay. Mamastay."

And my heart wanted to melt. In fact, I think it did right then and there.

For the Namaste song, we sing and bow down with hearts in prayer fold, learning that the light in them is the light in me and that they are a part of all they see.

No, I'm not really hitting my mark with this goal or my other one, but the one goal I didn't list -- Being an Awake Mama -- is definitely accomplished this year.


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Anonymous said...

I'm not big on goals myself. Too punishing. But look: the girls got it down. Mamastay it is.

Jena Strong said...

I think you just summed up my entire blog - okay, my entire life - in one word. Mamastay.


Michie said...

Wow, I think we have a lot in common. I have the same problem, I am so busy thinking about so many things that need to get done, that nothing gets done! I have a hard time being mindful.
Your daughters might also enjoy this: http://www.sproutonline.com/sprout/Originals/GoodNightShow.aspx
for quick yoga fixes. We've put out my yoga mat and done a stretch or two in front of the computer. My daughter seems to enjoy it.

village mama said...

This is definitely one of those posts you MUST print out for each girl's keepsake boxes. Such a beautiful moment. Gush.

She She said...

Mamastay. I love it. They're telling you, and you're hearing it. Mark it down, if you need to, as a goal accomplished. And a big one, too.

Shannon said...

Out of the uncomplicated, beautiful mind of your babies.
Mamastay. And you did. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I told my yoga mamas about this story and we agree that "Mamastay" sounds like a great book for you to write, or at least a magazine article. :)

Jozet at Halushki said...

"This intersection of wanting to accomplish so much, yet never really accomplishing anything is the No. 1 flaw holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. I know this."

Ah yes...ah yes yes yes....


I needed to do that today.

I promise I will do it tomorrow. I promise.

bella said...

Mamastay: wow.
This says it all.
For what it's worth, I think you are right on schedule, goals or no goals.
Sometimes just living is enough.

Chrissy said...

I used to love going to yoga classes at my YMCA, but then I stopped during the pregnancy of my first daughter. Ever since my excuse has been no time. But...I never thought about including the kids on it! I'll have to check out that video you mentioned. Sounds like fun!

marta said...

It's hard to focus. Your mind sounds something like mine...this and this and this and this...is never ending. Mamastay-I shall meditate on that.

Have some happy goal free time!