Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wait ... before I go!!!


I feel like celebrating. How about a giveaway in honor of Hillary Clinton winning big in Pennsylvania???

Yup, just leave a comment below telling me what your family has done -- or wants to do -- to help reduce your family's eco-footprint this year.

One random winner who has left an appropriate comment below will win a copy of the following book: Healthy Child, Healthy World, which I reviewed here. Please, please, please leave an email so I do not have to go hunting you down.

(Oh, and this is a Democratic blogger here talking so no need to try and sway me toward Obama; if he wins, he'll be supported like crazy.) (Anti-Hillary comments will automatically be deleted.) (Comments praising Hillary as president will count twice!! LOL just kidding ... but leave 'em anyway)

Good luck. The winner will be announced on this blog next Tuesday.

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Kimberly said...

We are trying very hard. We take faster showers, we don't use our dishwasher unless we have no choice, we don't use bottled water anymore, we recycle our garbage, we walk instead of using the car as much as we can, we re-use boxes to mail things out in, I have a Colorado Blue Spruce tree I need to plant like ASAP! I just got it yesterday and I need to find a pot to plant it in until it's big enough to plant in the yard. I try and use enviromentally friendly products (cleaning products). I belong to our local Freecycle group (one man's junk is another man's treasure). And we use energy efficient lightblubs and make sure to turn off and unplug anything we are not using.

I can be reached at the URL attached to my name. THANKS!!!!

Shannon said...

Yeah having a republican in office and has really messed up the economy.
would love the book.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I've changed all my light bulbs to energy savers, recycle and carry re-usuable shopping bags.

LauraC said...

Woo hoo Madame President! I live in NC and my vote actually counts in this primary!!!

I could go on and on about what we do for the environment... I have a degree in environmental engineering so this issue is very dear to my heart.

Our top ones:
* We only have one car, an energy efficient Toyota Corolla.
* We both telecommute.
* The boys wear about 95% used clothes.
* We live in a much smaller house than we can afford... one that is just enough space for our family.
* We installed a rain barrel this year so I can water my herb and vegetable garden guilt-free.
* We will put a composter in the backyard next summer when the boys are old enough to understand they should leave it alone.
* We eat lower on the food chain as much as possible. Not 100% vegetarian but 95%.
* We wash only full loads of laundry with eco-detergent in cold water.
* We use automatic thermostats and program them to minimize the amt of energy we use.
* Library, freecycle, donations - we throw out as little as possible.
* We banned disposable water bottles in our home years ago... we have reusable bottles only.
* Reduction of consumption. When we plan to buy something, it has to be something we are going to own for years.

leigh said...

we bought a prius! cool blog! i'm currently an obama supporter but i love hilary as well and will vote happily for either this fall.

Mama said...

We have also done many things to go green this year. This includes:
Planting a garden to grow most of our veggies in the summer and fall
Bringing all our own bags to the grocery store and out shopping
Started MamaGoesGreen blog to inform others like me what they can do
Installed water saving shower heads,etc and toilet
Used salvaged materials in house remodel
Switched all our lightbulbs
Park the car at least 2x a week
Walk as much as possible
Bought a Reel Mower, no gas for us!
Planted 6 trees
Switched to all non-toxic cleaners
Buying local meat and eggs
Freecycle whenever possible
Recycle whenever possible
Precycle-the best!
More and more everyday!

Shannon said...

We're working on developing as much of a self sustaining lifestyle as possible, but have only just started, so we have a ways to go. We're gardening, recycling, reducing our consumption and making very conscious purchasing decisions.

Jena Strong said...

One car - and work and school all in a 1.5 mile radius.

Towels that double as exfoliators because they line dry in the sun.

CFLS. Canvas bags. Chickens in the backyard (well, ok, this is still a dream...)!

xo Jena

jskell911 said...

We are using more handmade cleaners, bringing coffee in thermoses and using reusable mugs, and also using natural fertilizers in our gardening

Roxy Jewelry said...

*I live in a solar powered house

*recycle my cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, plastic

*cloth shopping bags

*buy organic & local when possible

*upcycle old calendars/picture books into paper crafts & magnets

*use a reusable water bottle

*composting toilet

*low flow shower head

*informed others by way of my blog on how to have a solar powered house

*wash laundry in cold water only

*super-insulated small home

*my next venture will be switching to natural cleaning products - especially with the laundry

Emily said...

1) we bought a energy efficient Washing machine.

2) We own an energy efficient fridge.

3) I use reusable shopping bags.

4) I always find other uses for plastic shopping bags.

5) I recycle

6) I eliminate paper towels by using washcloths instead

Thanks for offering it!


Nicol said...

We are doing several things but I think that biggest change, at least for me, is "greening my clean." I am changing all of my cleaning supplies to green, natural and safe. That includes sponges, paper towels (getting rid of) and cleaners.

We will slowly be adding additional things this year. Change is slow, but we are coming along well!

NicoleZD said...

Whoo-hoo, a Hillary supporter! I was no outnumbered by the Obama-supporters at our caucus, it was embarrassing :(

That said, I'd like to win this! We've stopped using paper products in the kitchen, and we're doing our best to cut back on plastic altogether!

fiordpiner [at] yahoo [dot] com

Lisa Sharp said...

We got a new washer and dryer, frig , tv, and dvd player this year and all are energy star.

I have switched to all natural cleaners (true natural cleaners not Clorax Green Works which is iffy).

We recycle.

Eat mostly organic or truly natural foods.

Buy local milk.

I buy all my make-up from a company that isn't far from me so shipping is cut down, they are a VERY eco-friendly company and the make-up is totally natural and safe.

I use sun light most of the day for my lighting.

I have most things on power strips and turn them off when not in use.

I collect all the water left in glasses for watering my garden. I also use the grey water from the dish washer for my garden and collect rain water for it.

We switched to all natural weed killer, plant food, and bug spray.

We have opted out of a lot of catalogs we get.

I use junk mail as scrap paper.

I could post tons more but don't want to make this to long.

Danielle-lee said...

I sooo cannot compete with all the others who seem to really be going green. I suck, in comparison to them! But anyway, I recycle NON-STOP, changed out my lightbulbs, use natural plant food and bug spray, unplug EVERYTHING when I'm not using it (it drives my husband crazy)...and Im looking into buying a hybrid. my email: dlwinkler(at)msn(dot)come

James and Andrea said...

I'm a republican who cares about the environment too! I've been learning so much of late. I am worm composting my leftover veggie tops and such; carrying bags to the grocery store to reuse; making a weekly trip to the recycle bins with all our plastic, glass, tin, paper, and cardbord; not driving as much and being a more energy efficient driver; trying to buy my foods as locally as possible; not turning up the heat at every cool draft; reusing un-recycleables; and trying to use less plastics (for our health as well).

Thank you!

Sandra said...

I have gotten rid of all of my household cleaners and purchased a Lady Bug Steam cleaner which uses only very hot water/ steam to disinfect and clean. I have also switched to all natural cosmetics and bath and body care.

I would love to be entered.


Lesha said...

- Freecycle.
- Use organic cleaners. I figure these work good as the commercial cleaners without the harsh chemicals.
- I plan on chucking most of my hair care, cosmetics and skin care that is'nt organic. I did'nt realize that most of these commercial beauty products that
women use everyday are full of toxins and bad chemicals that should'nt come in contact with human skin let alone animals.

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

hetz-junk said...

My husband wants to add solar panels to our house. I would love to get rid of our paper towels.

pinkgingham said...

I live in a massively RED state so it warms my heart to hear another excited Democrat! : )

I have done a lot but not enough... I recycle everything I can think of and I switched all of my light bulbs over to cfl's. This year I am going to try and cut put plastic water bottles!

Thank you for the fun giveaway!!!

CityStreams said...

Not such a fan of Hillary, but I am a big fan of the environment! Haha!

We've gotten better at reusing as well as recycling this year. We're also trying to cut down on the energy we use at home (but I always forget to turn the lights off) and we don't water our lawn. We figure brown yards are better than brown water coming out of the tap! So there's my eco-friendliness for this year.

Great idea, by the way!

Shelly said...

We are recycling more, taking bags to the store (all stores - not just grocery!) and not using disposbale water bottles or drink cups.

Mari said...

We reuse our water bottles, AND use like crazy.

Go Democrats!!

(and yes, I like Obama, but like you will support Hillary if necessary!!)

jen said...

I am loving going green! We have planted an organic garden, started composting, using reusable bags for shopping, reconstructing clothes, freecycling, carpooling, telecommuting, and buying only toys made of natural materials (no more grody plastic toys!). We can't wait to do more!

Sarah Berry said...

I would love to read up on going green. Having a child makes me realize just how precious our environment is. Thanks for the giveaway

CanCan said...

We are going all cloth (not toilet paper..we aren't ready for that step), and we are buying local more!
I started a green blog, I'm so into it!

Audra Marie said...

This sounds like a good book. We're hoping to switch from disposable diapers to cloth. I've already switched from disposable pads to cloth. We're slowly trying to do more and more. :)

Thanks for the great giveaway. :)


Doris said...

I do everything I can green, I put on extra layers in winter, use open windows and ceiling fans in summer, recycle *everything*, use CFL bulbs, compost, grow my own veggies, buy local, walk to work, use cloth grcoery/shopping name it, or you suggest it...I'll try it!

Julie said...

We have our own veggie/herb garden, do compost, wash in cold, line dry, turn off the a/c, buy local, walk almost everywhere in town, plant trees...we're always looking for more ways to conserve our beautiful earth!

Debbie said...

It's great how so many of these blogs have been about the environment. Gives me hope! We have been trying to be green for about 13 years - use CF bulbs, cloth diapers, wash in cold, hang to dry, no plastic bags, etc. But, I am always looking for ways to do more!

Jennifer said...

We are trying to buy items with less packaging, and trying to use less plastic.


PS said...

Yay Hilary! But either would be a MAJOR improvement!
We have a one glass a day rule. We rinse it out quick when were done. It saves a lot of dishwasher space so I'm running it less!

Becky said...

I'm really wanting to switch to reusable shopping bags this year. I'm also planning on starting cloth diapers with my newborn as soon as he's big enough for size smalls!

Tara said...

we use reusable shopping bags. and garden.
I would love to win this! Please enter me.

carolsue said...

We recycle paper, plastic, glass and all kinds of things!

thewritermama said...

Okay, first I confess that my eco-footprint stinks lately. Was just thinking about it today.

However, we do compost and since we don't garden we compost for a friend, who makes good use of all of our rotten stuff in her garden. So all of you non-gardeners, why not compost for a friend?

I just have a tiny little foot-pedal trash can that I use and then dump it in an empty cat litter container to transport.

In other news, I am quadrupaling (sp?) our Hillary donation from last time and making it tomorrow.

Finally, somewhere where I can shout: Go Hillary!

[Ditto everything she said about Obama. Nice guy. He's my second choice.]


Hélène said...

I have started recycling paper and taking my neighbors paper as well. We also are phasing out are incandescent lights.

nottryingforaboy said...


-belong to a CSA
-switched our light bulbs
-turn lights off
-grow extra veggies
-use natural products

Ambre said...

i gave up drinking pre-packaged water bottles. this was/is hard!

Justine said...

My family and I have started composting, and we recycle, and buy as much organic as we can, and we are looking into buying carbon offsets.
Thanks for the giveaway
my e-mail is

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Lots of things! Drink water only. Recycle all that we can. Buy as little as we can. Use cloth bags when we shop.

Audrey said...

We have been recycling for years. We turn our heat off when we go out of town. My daughter goes around turning lights off when people leave rooms.

frugallm said...

What we plan to do: Compost, recycle all paper, plastic and metals, switch to CFL light bulbs, line dry clothing, get a shower timer, switch to reusable cloth bags for shopping.

Ginny said...

Yeah, a Hillary supporter! I was so excited when she won Penn! I'm a huge supporter of her, I think you just found a new reader of your blog :) Let's see, I started using canvas bags & I stopped buying water bottles. I've been recycling for years. I have done other things, but you get the idea.

Dawn said...

I am a Hillary supporter and Obama is a close second. But even McCain would be better than the absolute agony of the last 8 years.

Our family has switched from a gas mower to a push mower to mow our lawn. No gas, no fumes and no noise! It's actually a pleasure to cut the grass now (and it's great exercise).

Thanks for the giveaway!
dburdenbates (at) gmail (dot) com

She She said...
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She She said...

Oops... find me at

Kim said...

Making knitted grocery bags.

What a wonderful giveaway you are doing here.

Have fun with your giveaway. Don't forget to head on over to my blog and enter mine!

Jinxy & Me said...

We have been doing a lot to try to reduce waste this year: starting a compost pile, using reusable bags, recycling, not buying excessive packaging, cooking/baking from scratch, etc. It's great to see another Democratic blogger - - seems to be a lot of "right-wingers" in these parts of blogosphere! My favorite current slogan: "January 20, 2009: The End of An Error!" Thanks for the contest!

RocketMom said...

1. We quit our jobs. Now I am SAHM and AD works out of the house. Bingo - much less driving. We haven't even refilled the gas tanks since we moved in on the 1st.

2. I just ordered the book from Amazon. Had some gift certificates burning a hole in my pocket. ;)

Shama-Lama Mama said...

We use reusable shopping bags, we open the dishwasher and let the dishes air dry, we bought energy efficient washer and dryer, and we recycle. A LOT!

Reeva said...

we've switched lightbulbs years ago, and we recycle heavily, and we bought a hybrid in 07 and we plan our errands and do them all at once if possible

Great giveaway! I hope i'm the lucky winner! :)

ihchicky said...

I already do things such as using reusable shopping bags, recycle, carpool etc. But this year i would really like to start composting.

Erica G said...

My husband and I have started carpooling to work. It has saved us money and has given us more time together. I am pregnant and we have decided to use cloth diapers.

Erica G said...
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Rockin' Mama said...

We recycle, buy local/organic, conserve water, installed energy saving light bulbs...