Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where in the world was our FUN?

Fun was many places and came in many forms this week. Just in time, too, because both girls caught a cold late in the week. Hip Hip Horray for colds landing on a weekend! Fun this week meant trying to say yes more even when it might have been inconvenient to the schedule or to the Purse. We hosted a play date, went to Gymboree, went to two parks and took a long walk.

I saw a bit of a transition this week as I look back at our pictures. Jadyn and Liana are really becoming best friends and happy sisters. That is ... until they aren't and then, well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do: Check it out:

Here, Liana helps Jadyn after a slip at Gymboree, which the girls just LOVE to no end. I love it, too, actually.

Here the girls set up their chairs to sit in front of each other. Very cute, and best friend-like!

Then, at a local park they watched a fountain together.

Smelled flowers together ...

Later, they shared a snack side by side.

But then ... this happened:

Uh-Oh, as the girls say. Somebody got mad at somebody else for a little privacy invasion. J insisted Elmo be a part of our outside play, which I at first didn't agree with but relented nonetheless.

Turns out, it was kind of fun ... a girl without a playmate has to do something, right?

Later, after the sisters made up ... they created art together on our door. But, J wasn't about to push Elmo too far away -- just in case she crosses that privacy line, again.

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Chrissy said...

Ha! That was very funny and absolutely adorable!

My little girls are closely spaced, but younger. Today I captured on video their first "disagreement".
It was very cute. I can't wait for them to get bigger and have more fun time together!

Looks like you had alot of fun this week!

village mama said...

Great photo documentation!

Shannon said...

That pic of J. kissing Elmo is the cutest ever! I have to admit though, as lovely as it was seeing the girls being best friends, I really got a kick out of the stroller melt down. Now, that I could relate

Shelli said...

So cute!!!!!!!

Jena Strong said...

Loved this romp through your day.

Michie said...

I loved the picture of your little one kissing Elmo too. Very cute. Somewhere I've got some markers for coloring on glass and have wondered if Paige would like to draw on the slider. Looks like your kiddos are having fun!