Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chop My Grocery List ...

... Sounds like the title of a great new reality show featuring moms everywhere desperate to keep their money in their purses and the smiles on their faces ...

Truth be told, I am not consistently faring well with the whole cutting grocery expenses. Some weeks are very good. Others, I just want to give up, go on a huge shopping binge and then want to yak it all out afterward. It's a terrible feeling knowing that you should be trying harder, but truly just do not have the energy. And, these days, energy has been eluding me, for some reason.

And, just when I think I've kept to my budget ... something happens and I still need to go back to the store for something or two somethings. Maybe it's because my two 2-year-olds are so dang unpredictable. One minute they hardly eat a crumb and the next they are devouring a cart load of groceries per meal. And, heaven freakin' forbid it if a pea crosses the yellow line into the rice because then the whole meal is a total goner.

But, I have learned a lot and I do know that our grocery costs are down a good bit from this time last year when I really knew nothing about feeding toddlers.

We still shop weekly at Aldi, and I love that store so much, and I still CVS, but rarely since there aren't any coupons out saving extra since the prices there are pretty high to begin with. Mostly, I am trying to make my regular grocery store and Wal-Mart where I see the most decrease in costs.

Yes, I wrote Wal-Mart. The store that I detest beyond belief and now shop at now and then only because we need to save every cent possible right now.

But, my quest continues. Food is expensive. Lists seem to grow longer not shorter around here. We stockpile when possible, but it's just not always possible. I will say that signing up for freebies has been a great deal of fun. In fact, we've gotten some very cool things that are almost always paired with very good coupons.

And, sticking to the budgeted menu is helping. Though, not perfectly just yet. But, I like challenges. I'm up for it. I can do this. And so can you. We can beat them at their own game, right?

How about you? Anyone finding great ways to save on groceries since I confessed my addiction to The Art of Coupons?

And, to thank you for visiting today, please check out this link to save your own fantastic grocery list. And, this link for the latest Chunky Purse money-saving idea.

Thank you for visiting today.

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Shelli said...

Because of you, I have started using coupons. But not a lot of coupons. I just don't find many for the items that I buy, but I do make an effort to look, and sometimes I'm surprised. I, too, have found that the prices at CVS are so high, and there's little discounted there that I actually use. I shop at Kroger, and I have tried to pay attention to their sales, and some weeks are very good. For example, this week they had a special that if you buy 10 of certain items, then you'd get $5 off your purchase. Several of the items happened to be things I buy (not always the case). I stocked up on the sales items and got my $5 off. I don't feel like I'm spending less in general, however. (I dislike Walmart too. We stopped shopping there, but I would be willing to go back if worse comes to worse.)

village mama said...

This post title IS a fantastic title for a reality show...pitch it woman!

InTheFastLane said...

Well....I still spent $300 on groceries this week, but I did so at a cheaper store so maybe I got more food for my money? Maybe?

Shannon said...

Wal-Mart is quick, dirty and cheap. I have a love/hate relationship with it and always come back grumpy from being there, BUT I do notice about a fifty dollar a week savings when I do go there. If I had my way, I'd only shop at Target, for everything...and anything they don't have...we don't need. lol

Carey said...

I purchase gift cards from day care to Giant...I do it 1. for the 2.5% I get back from day care and 2. in an attempt to stay within budget. I have been about 90% successful with it.

I am also a coupon junkie.

I am trying to boycott Wal mart, but only because so much is imported.

In the summer especially we like to buy local veggies and fruits...which saves some...but even more when you freeze or can to last all winter long! :)

Anonymous said...

My gosh - I struggle with this.

My crew ( 3 young kids) can polish off more food than I ever could have imagined.

I have been trying to eat ground chicken for dinner once or twice a week to cut back. I grate some carrots into it to make it seem like more. tonight, we had nachos with the meat, but shepherd's pie is a cheap meal too.

I keep thinking if I could only stop overeating, we'd have more food....

bella said...

I do use coupons.
Mostly though I think I end up saving money on groceries because I am the queen of leftovers. :)

Allen said...

One of the best ways to save money at the grocery store is to enter with a list and stick to it.

Here is a great online grocery list site that also has coupons.


Hope this helps.