Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gimme an F; Gimme a U; Gimme an N!

The Mother of all Fun Blog Injections is back and it's your turn to share some fun with other moms who might need a new fun idea or a laugh. Please share your best fun moments from this past week in Mr. Linky. They can be messy, dressy or just plain weird. Write it, snap it, brief it, too.

Have fun with it!

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Eva said...

It wasn't exactly this week but it does show the goofy fun we have at our place, so I thought it was worth sharing.

village mama said...

Great photo documentation!

Eva said...

Sorry if I was confusing in my link! I did mean to link to this one, and I did include a link to you on this slightly older post:

I was just trying to show how we have fun doing just about the most random, silly things.
I guess my most recent one seemed to be all about fun, too, so I can imagine that it was confusing!