Monday, April 28, 2008


Many thanks for a deliciously green conversation about being more eco-friendly. Lots of great ideas so be sure to read through them all and make a list of what you haven't done yet to reduce your carbon footprint.

I've talked before about how we have been a one-car family for a year and a half and we try to avoid driving that car -- an SUV -- too much. Dan commutes to work. I walk for groceries when possible.

We buy local fruits and vegetables and some meats except in winter when it's just too cold to deal with the walk.

We have all CFL bulbs -- which reduced our electric bill GREATLY -- and we are doing our best to recycle everything possible, even coffee grounds at times, which we scattered around rose bushes.

Like most people, we have a long way to go, yet, and so I'll be using a lot of those comments everyone left last week.

The random winner of the giveaway -- Healthy Child, Healthy World -- is Frugallm at Frugal 20. Congrats!

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