Saturday, May 31, 2008

And, the Perfect Post Award goes to ...

I haven't been watching American Idol for seven years and learned nothing, you know. I won't dare give away the details so early in the blog post.

There must be entertainment and build up and, well, commercials.

OK, not commercials.

But, lots of admiration will be tossed around.

I haven't nominated anyone for Perfect Posts in a while, but I was moved to do so this time because I knew I needed to show some love.

Blogging is such a tricky medium for writers, especially those who are also mothers. We all have other things we could be doing, should be doing, ought to be doing. Many of us choose to put those off for a bit to spend some time connecting with our own thoughts and with others. We've developed some amazing online and offline friendships this way.

And yet there is often this pull to pull the plug, so to speak, to our connection -- maybe by limiting the writing we're doing or by not sharing the emotions we're really feeling. This has been the case for many of the bloggers I love to read. And this is the case for two bloggers of note this week.

My MAY 2008 perfect post award goes to Jena of Bullseye, Baby! It just so happens that Jena announced this week that she isn't going to be posting on her blog anymore, which I can completely understand. She has a very big, full life to lead. I'm going to hope that she takes a week or two -- or even a month -- and returns to us because writing well comes so naturally for her that I can't imagine my blogosphere without her words.

I chose Jena's post Slide because it's a good example of things she has written that were my absolute favorite posts. This post and others like it have left me smiling for their wit, brevity and inspiration. I have no doubt she is a fabulous life coach. I love the image of sliding right now, too, since I'm about to slide right into a big scary life change. It's also one of my girls' favorite things to do as well. Slide down the slide, slide on the floor, slide down the basement doors, slide out of my arms and into their father's and slide into the big, big world of imagination.

There is no such thing as perfect -- we all know that. But, Jena is a true art form in the feminine masterpiece. I cherish her.

For more perfect posts, check out Petroville or Suburban Turmoil.

Thank you for visiting today.

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Jena Strong said...

Shawn, it truly is an honor to receive these words, and this award, from you. I thank you with humility and appreciation.

xo Jena

Shelli said...

Perfect post and perfect person to give this award to. I am hoping too that Jena will come back to us sooner than later!!

Jozet at Halushki said...

I'll go check her post out right now.

And I keep missing these Perfect Post many great writers out there. So much recognition I'd love to pass along.