Monday, May 26, 2008

Who was that woman?

She collected used books, scoured stores, flea markets and yard sales for the right one to fit onto her many shelves.

She read at least two books a month.

She advocated for the disadvantaged: the working class, African-Americans, immigrants, the homeless, victims of violence.

She cooked gourmet.

She traveled and took day trips.

She wrote on a whim, read half the weekend and took naps.

She slept in; overslept and slept in hotels.

She wasn't organized, rarely cleaned because, frankly, the house never got that dirty.

She entertained, churning up a batch of creme brulee for a small party.

She was up on the latest everything, including politics and music.

She had patience and compassion for people.

She never splurged, but bought nice things for herself often.

She faithfully watched every Sex and the City episode until its end and then started over and over, again.

She cried a couple months when that HBO show ended even though she was 30 years old.

She knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it but rarely did so.

She thought living meant owning nice things.

She exercised, even if that meant walking to and from the office.

She enjoyed cups of freshly brewed coffee while reading that day's newspaper.

She was visible to people who actually cared how she was doing and feeling.

She celebrated birthdays and holidays by doing nothing and being pampered.

She came and went without a thought.

She was lonely.

She cried a lot.

She felt something was missing.

She was always searching for something.

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Shelli said...

And now?

Karen said...

Not to worry. You'll meet up with her again and you'll love her even more. We all do!

Momma Bean said...

This one made me cry. For the person I lost and also for the person I found. I love them both equally, even if I don't know if I will ever find the one I lost again.

Jena Strong said...

Do you miss her? She sounds lovely. A lot like you, in fact.

Shannon said...

She is still there, and she'll emerge again...only with more people in her life that love her. :-)

Carey said...

to be continued?

Leah said...

Another exquisite post. You really got me thinking about what my own list would look like. May we cherish all our parts, active and dormant and yet-to-become :)

Kathleen Botsford said...

Beautiful and poignant. The life of a woman, a wife, a mother. I admire your courage, energy and dedication to your family, your children and yourself as you continue to make time to write. Bravo!

bella said...

this was so tender.
It's weird sometimes, isn't it, how we change and then there are moments when we look back and wonder of what of a former self we still want to find ways to reconnect with and integrate and what has had its day and given way to who we were only and always waiting to be.
love you.