Monday, January 5, 2009

Letting the chapters flow

If I wish it enough. If I long for it enough. If I will it to come my way by whispers and desires. If I dream it. If I survive it. If I wake up day after day with the same nightmare -- that I didn't achieve it.

If I weren't so tired. If I didn't have dishes to wash or lists to make.

After I work out. After I make the bed. After I drink my coffee. After I gather our things.

Once I start, I'll begin. Once I start, I'll know. Once I start, it will come.

Just sit down.

Just sit down and type.

Just sit down and type what comes and eventually the words, the dreams, the ideas, the creativity will fill me up like a balloon.

I can't live without blogging.
I can't not write for me, for you, for us.
I can't live a life without words drifting effortlessly, endlessly, ungrammatically, on these pages.

This is about finding soul and passion again. This is about reaching inside and turning a life of routine and office cubicles and constant emails on its side and starting again.

Again. Again. Again. So many agains.

Happy Writing, my friends!

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Jena Strong said...

This space is here, we are here, for you. After, before, during, beyond, between. It just keeps flowing.

p.s. I'm not upset with you!!

kisatrtle said...

Write for you, not for me. Happy New Year, my friend, I look forward to hearing you "voice" throughout the year.

threeundertwo said...

This is so true. Sometimes the hardest thing is just to sit down and start and let the words flow through.

I can't live without blogging either.

She She said...

Amen. Starting is the hardest part.

justagirl said...

I agree that starting is the hardest part and sometimes the scariest part too...

I really look forward to reading your posts...

Jaina said...

Very nicely put.

Shelli said...

Writing can be so damn hard sometimes.

betsey said...

My thoughts exactly, but much better said!

Every day I have a whole list of things I'm going to do after. The problem is, once it is 'after' I'm passed out in bed.

Blogging gives me something to accomplish, and an audience (however imaginary it is right now) to talk to.

That is sometimes enough to make me leave the dishes til tomorrow.