Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Six Surprising Things

After missing all of last week due to Jadyn having a very bad sinus infection that wasn't diagnosed for treatment to start until New Year's Day, I had high hopes for Monday. The Highest.

Here's what I didn't expect:

  1. That I'd wake Monday morning with a half-closed left eye and two swollen, red eyes.
  2. That I'd end up at the doctor's office, for myself, not once, but twice this week.
  3. That I'd master putting eye drops in my eyes, and still dread each one.
  4. That I'd use this opportunity to stop and write, even when I could barely see the computer screen.
  5. That my daughter would, after many near-misses, actually leave her bear blanket at school accidentally. Oh, the heartache.
  6. That nearly all of our 20 invitations for the third birthday party have been accepted!
And, what I did expect was this: To order cupcakes for the party. And, then I haven't gotten to do that yet.

So, this puts me right around ... oh, shoot mode.

Still, not caring because my girls are turning 3 and some fantastic friends of theirs -- and mine -- are planning to attend. And, since my vision is clearing up, I just might see them.


And, here's Six Surprising Things that comes along with two 3-year-old girls.

  1. Jadyn leaning on the wall, quietly, talking to a pretend person about her day. Visions of teenager-hood snapped me awake.
  2. Here Mommy (as Liana proceeds to hand me everything I don't need and do need even when I don't need it and yet half the time she's right and I'm wrong).
  3. Pushing (up the stairs, at the counter, to get to me, etc.) and fighting (still!)
  4. "I'm not talking to you, Mommy." (OK, whatever!)
  5. "I'm talking to you, Mommy"
  6. Fights over still wanting to wear Pampers diapers -- with Elmo on the front, not just the back.
Ah, the drama. I love it!

Thank you for visiting today.

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Goddess in Progress said...

Oh no, bummer about the eyes! Good luck getting the party ready. Sounds like it will be quite the shindig!

Jaina said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

threeundertwo said...

oh no! Hope your eyes are better!

I love listening in on conversations with pretend people. So cute.

kisatrtle said...

Here's hoping you eye is better. Also, I wanted to let you know that I left something on my blog for you.

Shelli said...

I hope everything is better by now.