Friday, June 1, 2007

Raise me up

The other day, The Da! and I -- and the girls -- were sitting on the front porch painted like new, the farm's all in order, there's not much to do ... oh, wait, sorry. Habit.

As I was writing, we were sitting there in what might have been the most amazing spring day, to date, and we glanced at my gorgeous flower boxes. A conversation ensued ...

The Da: Did you water the flowers today?
Me: No, I need to do that when we go inside. You can take the girls upstairs and I'll do that and start dinner.
Da: I can water the plants.
Me: No! I want to do it. I want something to do.
Da: Raising our daughters is not enough for you? You have to grow flowers, too?

Um, in a word, yes. A woman's growth work is never done, is it? It did get me thinking, when is enough enough? Is there ever such a thing as enough?

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