Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So many books for girls, so little time Vol. 3

I have fallen behind in my book purging efforts, but hope to get back on track. It would help if I knew how to get rid of the books without having to actually leave the house.

Still, here goes:

My dear sweet girls, you must read, "Reading Lolita in Tehran," by Azar Nafisi.

Perhaps one of the greatest books ever written about books, this book not only takes you into the minds of women living in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but it takes you into some of literature's greatest reads.

I read this book more than two years ago, but could read it over and over not just for it's great insight into some fabulous novels, but because of the insight it gives into how other countries view Americans. You simply cannot read this book and walk away feeling proud to be American. You simply cannot read this book without thinking we need to change our ways.

I hope that you read this novel and learn about a different culture, inspire a world of peace and hope for all, and, lastly, develop a love and knowledge about great literature.

Among the books discussed in this book: Lolita, The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice.

Now, for those that must go:

"Lolita," by Vladimir Nabokov. I read this book right after "Reading Lolita in Tehran," and while it was definitely worth reading, I do not feel that I will recommend it for my sweet daughters. They may choose to read it someday.

I'm also going to discard, "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress," by Dai Sijie. This book is a lot like, "Reading Lolita," but just not nearly as good and I really was disappointed with the ending.

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Hope you can get your reading time back again!