Monday, September 24, 2007

Everyone, but the kitchen staff

Perhaps it's just me, but lately I've been thinking a lot about why I started this blog, and what it's evolved into. I set out to have a place of my own to write, freely, about whatever I wanted. But, I also wanted to be able to showcase my thoughts for friends and family to read.

As it turns out, none of those people really care that much about what I have to say.

Now and then, I learn that one of my distant friends, like my old college roommate, or my childhood friend, Mary Anne, are reading. I love that!

Yet, people I would think would care to see pictures of my little darlings don't tune in.

Instead, all of you do. And, more and more every day.

I have always felt like certain people in my life -- who shall remain nameless -- never really cared about anything I said. Now this blog is the proof!

And, yet ...

I couldn't be happier having this blog, knowing that I can write a post, especially the gloomy ones, and usually wake up in the morning to find that some fabulous people stopped by to read what I wrote ... and cared enough to not just click away, but leave a comment.

After all, comments are just blog hugs, right?


Candace & Anna said...

Here is a bloggy hug! We love to see your little darlings and see what you are up to. I am sorry those that you hoped would read don't but just know that you are appreciated in my little corner of the world!

InTheFastLane said...

My off-line friends and family don't even know about my blog (at least I don't think so) - it started out as more of an online journal and evolved into a community. It really is an amazing place.

PJ Hoover said...

I don't think it's personal. I think some people just don't get or do the blog thing.

Momma Bean said...

I think that more people that I don't know read and comment than the people I do know. I absolutely love reading the comments from complete strangers that are in some way touched by my writing, can offer encouragement or know exactly what I'm going through! It started out as a baby book but it's become so much more! It's wonderful, isn't it?

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I think, like PJ said, that some people just don't get the blog thing.
I don't know why.
But we do. So here's a big
(((bloggy hug!)))


bella said...

Their loss.
Because I LOVE reading your words and catching glimpses of your life in pictures.
Sending you a great big blog hug!

Shannon said...

I am beginning to see blogging as creating your own family, one that understands you more than your "real" one anyway. That's my take & here a {{{{blog hug}}}}}!

Anonymous said...

You know, you're right. Friends really are family (like the family we want). And then, with more effort, family can one day be like friends.

Shawn said...

And, I think we need to have a family reunion in Karen's backyard! : )

Thanks for the bloggy huggies. I wasn't trying to get any ... but so glad to receive them (and to know that I'm not completely nuts for thinking this).

lesleysmeshly said...

I am happy you decided to continue your site regardless if your family and "real life" friends read it. I love to see your precious daughters and read about motherhood..the truth, not sugar coated. Your writing is wonderful, refreshing, and enjoyable.
My family reads mine, but most of my "real life" friends do not..I thought it was strange, but I guess it may be the norm. I have met wonderful people through my site and that more than makes up for the missing friends.

MG said...

I love the phrase "blog hug"! Can I borrow that?

Seriously, I'm the same way. I thought that more of my friends would be interested in my blog. But, hey, I'll take any interest I can get! LOL

And I love how you "keep it real", too. Motherhood is much more than rainbows and roses.

Here's a blog hug for you!


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Blog hugs! I love that!

Most of the real life friends I've told about my blog don't read it either. I think they can't work out the technology. ;)