Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maybe Harry Potter can help?

Dear Realtor,

I don't have much time here. I am too busy cleaning, sweeping and scrubbing and all that for this weekend's one-millionth open house -- you know the ones that just perfectly coincide with two famous toddlers' one nap of the day.

This is just a quick note to tell you that I forgot to mention what else I need in the new house. This might be more important than that eat-in-kitchen, or the big, fenced backyard, or even (gulp!) the walk-in closet.

In fact, a little magic might help out here.

I need a room that is child-safe, child-proof, and keeps the attention of my beautiful, sweet, energetic girls for more than five minutes. You see, they have a room that is all of these things, except for that last part.

It seems that just about every OTHER room or even outside of the house makes them smile, laugh and giggle. But, when they are in that room filled to the brim with toys, things to climb on, books to read, they want none of it.

So, can you work in our small budget for a magic room that will keep my babies happy and smiling for five minutes without destroying my cookbooks, the DVDs, my utensil drawer, the shoe basket and the dog's bowls?


Cleaningly yours,



InTheFastLane said...

This made me laugh out loud. Toys really are just a momentary distraction before the kids get down to the real business of destroying the house :)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Oh, if you find one of those magic rooms, tell me! I want one too!

Mama Zen said...

Good luck with this one! Mine had no interest in her fabulous playroom until she was about three and a half. Even then, she wanted me in there with her, so I still couldn't get anything accomplished!

Karen said...

That room is always at someone else's house.

bella said...

oh, when your Realtor finds this magic room they will be rich. Because I, along with so so many, will be lining up to buy our very own.

Momma Bean said...

Is there such a thing? Because if there is, I may need to put an addition on my house.