Friday, September 28, 2007

When patience grows thin

Listen up, girls.

I've been having flash backs to parts of our first year together. And, it ain't pretty. Much like when you were infants, you're crying a lot and I can't seem to satisfy your every need.

The fighting has got to stop. One second we're laughing, and having a blast, and the next you're playing tug o' war over something as silly as a stick. A stick? There were three sticks, but you both had to have the same brown, made-of-wood, covered-in-bark stick. I guess in toddlerland, not all sticks are created equal, much to my dismay.

Plus, the whining! Can we please just stop it? Now? It's grating.

And, no, even though I would love to allow it, you can't watch Baby Signing Times three times a day. Just two. Three is for those days when everything is going wrong, and there is a house showing. Your fix of two will just have to do -- considering the American Pediatric Association or whatever it's called says that since you're under 2 you should not even watch television at all.

Go back to pressing dirt into the creases of your meaty thighs. And, into your scalp. I love it when you look like homeless babies. That's the kind of fun you should be having! So long as you are laughing when you do it -- throw as much dirt and pebbles as you want!

Just please stop crying.

And, when you do both enter a fit of screaming bloody murder for what appears no reason at all, just go with the flow and fix your own dinner when you see Mama curling up in a fetal position on the floor, crying, too.


InTheFastLane said...

Way to show them who the boss is :)
My favorite is the random crying for no apparent reason except maybe mom stopped paying attention for a second or two.

bella said...

I hear you on the whining thing!
Leo still goes through phases where all he does is whine and it drives me nuts!
When I come upon a way to handle it, stop it, or just cope with it, I'll be sure to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Shawn my sweet, is there a two-year-old in the house? Or two?
You have me on your side.

Shannon said...

Ha ha. Funny, mommy. :-) My only offered comfort is I guess this is normal, cuz this is going on in my house, too. It's why I let them throw all of the sand out of the sand box and eat handfuls of cheerios whenever they want. At least, for those moments there is peace.

Wendy said...

Oh the whining - yes! It's at exactly the right pitch to fry my neurons. Seriously if Satch does it while I'm on the phone, I can no longer speak English...I become disoriented and forget what I'm doing.

I'm convinced that each child has a genetic tuning fork designed for this purpose. I'm also surprised that the government has tried using it as some sort of weapon.

Sometimes I feel like saying, "yes yes you can have anything you want just stop making that noise".

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Oh! I hear you! All day long mine have been repeating this pattern over and over:

Daughter: "Yes."
Son: "No."
D: "Yes!"
S: "No!"
D: "YES!"
S: "NO!"
S: "NOOOO!!!"

(More frustrated sibling): SMACK!

(Smacked sibling): Waaaaaahhh!

Mama: Sigh!

lesleysmeshly said...

Noooooooooo! I am already at my wits end with the crying, whining, fussing, craziness of 12 month're telling me it only gets worse?!?!?! When, oh when does it end? I feel for you girlie...and the rest of us too!

Shawn said...

Aw, poor Leslie ... sorry! Yes, it does get worse. : ) I recall 12 months was a bit fussy, but they quickly came out of that.

This stage, however, is much longer, and much harder. In many ways, though, it's easier and more fun (like, i get out of the house now!).

Mama Zen said...

Yes, there is something magical about that particular stick. Something only the children know . . .

Momma Bean said...

What is it with the whining? I have a couple of girls over here that I'm ready to lock outside and make faces at them through the doorwall! Argh!