Monday, February 18, 2008

34 things

Today was a special day and in honor of that I wanted to publish a special list about people, places and things that can easily put a smile across my face right here, right now in this very season of my life. I am creating this list from an idea I found at Hula Seventy. I'm going to mix it up between things I did this past year that made me happy as well as people or things that make me happy, in general, every day.

1. My husband -- who has stood by me for the last seven years.

2. And, our rare, but awesome dates.

3. Silly, silly little girls

4. And, playhouses built for girls.

5. Special moments

6. That only I witness

7. Fun toddler activities

8. And, just winging it!

9. Girly goodness

10. And, this includes dresses and tights, too.

11. Coffee in my Pottery Barn mug

12. And, coffee beans ground fresh before each cup.

13. Baking bread

14. And, bread machines that help.

15. My bedside altar

16. And my massive to-be-read pile of books.

17. Surprises

18. And, knowing ahead of time so I can look forward to special treats.

19. Everything about the beach, the ocean -- the sounds, the smells, the food.

20. And, digging my feet in the sand.

21. Lilacs

22. And, roses in a vase.

23. Our Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom

24. And, just about every other tree on earth.

25. Chocolate messes

26. And, chunks of dark chocolate anyway I can get it, especially in cake.

27. Pigtails.

28. Family

29. Baby Legs

30. And, necks and ears and bellies and noses ...

31. Rooms with stunning views

32. And, A Room of One's Own.

33. Art of all kinds.

34. And, surrendering completely and utterly into anything full of life and imagination.

Thank you for visiting today.

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~Amber~ said...

Awesome post! LOVED reading it. And I totally agree with all of it, specially the baby legs. Every girl's gotta have em!

Beth said...

I absolutely loved going through your pictures with the comments. It gave me warm fuzzies about my kiddos. I really loved the playtime thing with the bottles & buttons, my daughter is 2 & I think I am going to have to make her a box like that since she is a collector of little things.

Jena Strong said...

A lovely journey through your rich life. Thanks for sharing. Cherry blossoms!!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

What a beautiful post! Those are many of my favorite things too!

bella said...

I loved this list, these photos, getting to see inside your world.

village mama said...

Gorgeous post. Gorgeous family, words, photos.

Jena Strong said...

P.S. Tag - you're it!

storyteller said...

I love reading Gratitude Lists and yours is truly special ... complete with wonderful photos (I love the chocolate mess and little girl legs). I always enjoy my visits to you blog though I don't always stop to comment. Thanks so much for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

Shannon said...

That b&w photo of the girls is just stunning! And those, so cute! Enjoyed this lots!

Shelli said...

Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I take it congratulations are in order, and if not, congratulations are STILL in order!

Bastet said...

That was beautiful. thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

Wonderful, wonderful post! Thank you!

RocketMom said...

I love #34. If only it were easier to surrender.