Monday, February 25, 2008

Twins: Lessons in Nature vs. Nurture

There was a point in my life I would have argued to the grave that nurture, environment and everything a family did created the human being.

Then I had two of my own.

I imagine that some parents who have only one -- or one at a time -- might not understand exactly how much children are fully formed when they are born.

Here are the THREE most SURPRISING things I realized are purely genetic and entirely not influenced by anything other than just being born:

1. Being a picky eater (I can only vouch for the toddler years right now)

2. Good posture (You either got it, or you don't so should we tell that child who doesn't to sit up straight?)

3. Patience

P.S. By picky, I mean that the child dislikes more foods than likes; refuses to try new foods.

So, when you have TWO very different toddlers, how do you plan the day's activities and meals on a budget? These are the things I want to dive into this week: Meal planning and activity planning and how I struggle with both!

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Shawn, I am so with you! Before I had kids -- and before I had two -- I had no idea how important the nature part was. And as mom to one picky eater and one not -- I also agree that's all nature.

InTheFastLane said...

My three are so different and yet similar. Plus their wide age range makes planning anything a little crazy.

My middle child is my pickiest eater. But I usually put at least on comporimse food on his plate that I know he will eat and is nutritious and just give him small bites of everything else.

But, toddlers are harder and I give my 2 year old, a little of everything we are eating and then I don't worry about it too much and try not to watch has he mixes all his foods together and then eats nothing :)

Shannon said...

You know I'll be paying attention. Oh, and it's so sweet you think of your children as human

LauraC said...

I know exactly where you are coming from, I have one picky one and one who will eat anything EXCEPT the foods the picky one loves. Can't wait to hear your tips, we're finally to the point where we give them different snacks.