Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Cupid -- Final Day

Thanks to everyone for participating in this extra fun and kind of different writing project. It has been refreshing reads all around for me.

Newest to the list of Dear Cupid entries include:


Laura asks Cupid nicely to be kind to the nice guys.

Shelli talks about the kind of men Cupid rescued her from.

Marta incorporates Dear Cupid into her fictional characters lives! (Great idea!) Here. Here. Here. And, here.

And, to really show off, Marta also wrote one just for her.

And, to everyone, may today and tomorrow forever wrap you in the kind of love you deserve.

Happy Weekend. I'm taking a long weekend from blogging to wrap myself in some love while taking on a bit of extra ambitious tasks.

Thank you for visiting today.

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Jena Strong said...

Shawn -

You're a woman of mystery!

Thanks for the project. I loved it.

Love, love, love.

xo Jena

Shelli said...

It was great fun!

village mama said...

while you're wrapping yourself in self love, do not forget the body lotion ;-) XO VM

bella said...

As always, thanks for the fun writing prompt.
It was fun to write and fun to read.

Bob said...

Hello, Shawn - this was a great idea for a project! I'm afraid you missed mine:

Dear Cupid