Friday, February 8, 2008

I like free things and I cannot lie

OK -- so my quest for a vaccum continues since the one my mom gave to us for Christmas is great for hardwood, but not so great for cleaning up after Big Hairy Dogs, two toddlers and a man who cannot grasp the concept of Take Off Shoes Before Entering Home.

So, go here for this.

It lays flat, people.



Hey -- if you know of any other giveaways, please post them in comments. I'm in a mood to press my luck. For fun, of course.

I'm on deadline and wayyy behind so have a GREAT weekend!

Thank you for visiting today.

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Candace & Anna said...

There is a giveaway for kids clothes at Big Mamas

Shelli said...

We have two dogs (who love our muddy yard) and a white cat that sheds year round. Even if we took our shoes off, it wouldn't do any good. No vacuum is good enough.

Is there a giveaway for a maid?

Jennifer Stack said...

Oh, this is the funniest blog, I LOVE reading it. Thanks for the laughs.

Bastet said...

Robeez giveaway on the Mommy Insider...

She has other giveaways too, and product reviews...