Tuesday, February 5, 2008

7 (couch potato) quirks

I had to ask my husband for some things about me that would be interesting and telling that I haven't already written about. I'm sure I'll surprise him with another one or two on this list.

1. One of my favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite, which I would normally link to, but my computer is acting up and not allowing me to cut and paste. Time to reboot, I suppose. This is interesting because typically I am a very serious movie watcher and want a mature plot line to follow and that makes me think. But, this movie is so smart and funny, I just think it's classic.

2. I am a HUGE American Idol Fan. Dan and I have been watching this show since we accidentally found it in its first season. We weren't even married yet. And, as we reminisced tonight -- we even used to vote by phone and text back then! We have since stopped voting, but we still can be found in front of the tube two nights a week. We even cried during tonight's show and have a good prediction on who the winner will be this year. We've been watching it THAT long.

3. I recently forced myself to start watching and enjoying Gray's Anatomy. I did this because with the loss of Sex and the City -- and since American Idol is only one in the winter/spring -- I felt I needed something to finally move me forward in my TV watching. Otherwise, I don't really turn it on.

4. I cannot stand the sound of sports on TV. (In my defense, I am pretty sensitive to sounds to begin with.) But, the sounds of the men's voices as they get so excited over something so mundane is like nails on the chalk board to me. Then again, it's better than the hours of AM radio I've been subjected to in the last 5.5 years!

5. I have also become a big fan of The Big Bang Theory and think those geeks are the coolest guys on TV, which means they don't stand a chance, I'm sure.

6. I'm a bit obsessed with all things Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City. I mean, still. Obsessed. Can you say living in the past?

7. Given the opportunity to once again watch whatever and whenever I want, I would watch every single Johnny Depp movie over and over -- especially Finding Neverland. Golly, he's sexy! With scissors on his fingers wearing all leather, dressed in a suit pretending with young boys and as a gypsy, anti-everything pirate! Sigh.

Bonus: I'd like to thank my dear sweet husband for being such a Movie God and for kicking my ass in all movie trivia games for the last five years. And we own bunches. Anyone up for a game sometime? Dan's on my team!

Thank you for visiting today.

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village mama said...

Johnny Depp, yeah, I can't appreciate your visual hunger ;-)

Shelli said...

I never watched T.V. before I met my husband, so I don't think you should worry about moving forward in your T.V. watching. Having said that, I'm having fun watching it now. But we don't watch regular T.V. We have a blockbuster subscription (our one luxury since we never go out), and we rent the T.V. shows and movies we like. We like the good stories and writing for sure....the keep you on the edge of your seat like 24, Lost, and also good drama like Grey's Anatomy and recently Ugly Betty. It's so cool to rent them and watch the season all at once at our own pace, no commercials, and sometimes there is some good bonus material on the DVDs. Right now we're watching Heroes, and I think it's great.

We did watch American Idol in prime time, but this is the first season we haven't watched it. We've gotten a little weary of it. But we love to watch someone's dream come true that might not have ever made it before. I think it's a great opportunity for young people! I think it's also a good lesson - sometimes you are not as good as you think you are. I often wonder that when I'm writing.

Finally, Johnny Depp....hmmmm yes.

Well, I don't think I've ever written such a long comment before! My husband has turned me into a T.V. junkie!

lesleysmeshly said...

I also never watched tv before hubby..now I'm addicted. The Big Bang Theory is so freaking funny. I LOVE tall skinny dude (can't think of his name right now). American Idol is fun only at the beginning when they have tryouts and the people SUCK! I'm a HUGE Big Brother fan and with the writers strike they are bringing back a special season starting next week!!!

Have you seen Super Bad...that movie is HILARIOUS!

InTheFastLane said...

The Mr. is definitely the TV addict in the family. But, I do love Lost and Survivor and Amazing Race and 24. Luckily two of those are reality shows, so I have had something to watch during the writer's strike.

LauraC said...

I don't know why I love memes like this, maybe because you get to learn completely unexpected things about people?

I believe I have watched the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite more than 50 times. Jon and I ate so many tots after that movie.

Force yourself to watch Cashmere Mafia!!! Just once!!! It is like Sex and the City except they all have kids and are struggling to have it all. The feminist in me LUVS it, seeing all these high-power women struggle with balancing husbands and kids and careers.

Jon and I could take you guys on in movie trivia. I worked at Blockbuster to make extra money in San Fran when I was working as an environmental engineer. Bring it!

She She said...

I think I must be old. I don't know how else to explain my complete lack of appreciation for Napoleon Dynamite. I Just.Didn't.Get.It.

But Johnny Depp? Mmmmmmm.....

Bastet said...

I think I watched more tv before my husband! On our second date I actually went to see Erin Brochovich with him...I know poor guy!

Love Grey's and Private Practice.

And Johnny Depp...YUM! I still dream of him in 21 Jump Street...

bella said...

Loved getting to know this side of you.
Having just come off a really heinous flu, I am feeling rather grateful for the tv myself.
I actually watched several old re-runs of Sex in The City and wow, it really was as good as I remembered.

Shannon said...

Okay, Sex in The City, American Idol, Johnny Depp--I get. Napoleon Dynamite???? You crack me up. I would have never guessed!

Momma Bean said...

I knew I liked you for a reason! (1) Don't base Grey's Anatomy on this season. On a scale of 1 to 10, this season is a 2 compared to the previous seasons. You must see the previous seasons to understand what all the fuss is about! Denny! Sigh! (2) Love American Idol. Simon is my favorite. I watch because of him. (3) I love Carrie Bradshaw! (4) Since you are on a TV roll, I highly recommend: Lost, 24 and Dexter. Dexter is my new favorite.