Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A love of labor for mothers

This list of statistics arrived today in my newsletter from Mothers. Startling, isn't? Or, is it? I can't decide today since I'm in a relatively miserable mood. I need not remind anyone of how incredibly hard my return to work was thanks to day care issues.

MOTHERS Stats - We can't believe it either ...

Bolivia - three months fully paid maternity leave

Peru - breastfeeding mothers receive a "nursing allowance" equal to twice the minimum wage

Chile - mothers may extend their guaranteed 18 week maternity leave period for up to a year without incurring a penalty from the employer

Venezuela - constitutional recognition of housework as an economically productive activity entitling homemakers to government pension (i.e., social security)

Brazil - four months paid maternity leave with a return to former job guaranteed, and free childcare for employees with children under age six.

Argentina - three months paid maternity leave, and child care expenses reimbursed for children up to age five

Colombia - 12 weeks paid maternity leave after birth or adoption - all businesses contribute to a fund which provides workers with cash subsidies to pay for child care

U.S.A. - nada, zilch, zero - how sad and frustrating!

Yes, how sad.

Again, though, why am I not surprised that our country of great freedoms chooses to spend billions on wars and killing people rather than on mothers at home taking care of their babies?

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Bastet said...

This is so true. I am really fortunate with my boss...my last maternity leave he allowed me to work from home, part-time.

I wish that we could focus more on our own people and their needs rather than on other peoples wars and battles...so much could be accomplished.

Great post!

lesleysmeshly said...

So sad and depressing. =(

bella said...

Holy shit!
I know it is bad and then I read this kind of thing and it all comes back and I remember and it makes me feel sad and angry.

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