Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Who have I become?

The question that keeps baffling my my mind these days is who have I become? I'm different in so many senses of the word now that I'm a mom. I have clarity. I see things in order -- in black and white. I'm less worried about the middle, the gray. I know exactly what I need on my shelves and what I do not.

Like an x-ray, I can see exactly what's inside me -- the good, and the bad. In one fell swoop I can honestly say my patience is good, and yet my temper is bad.

Yet, the me I've become is so much more than all of that. I'm evolving. I'm a woman on a mission every single day. Don't get in my way. If you don't smile at me when I'm walking, pffft. I no longer care.

I don't live and breathe for what others think anymore. I'm offended by people who work too much, and spend little time with their children.

I can see now that I've made mistakes, that I've pushed for things that were bad decisions, and that now it's time to right the wrongs.

I used to think it was funny that people walked past my house and used profanity every other word. Now, I want to hurt them for taking away my right to teach my daughters bad words.

I used to think that our neighborhood was perfect because of its crazy social dimensions, and now it's those same dimensions that I detest.

I used to care more about the news, the media, quality journalism than anything on the planet. I worked 10-hour days just like The Da! Now, I can't keep up with the headlines, and think it's a sign of our times that journalists sit around creating stories designed to make us less afraid of things we shouldn't even be afraid of in the first place -- like bed bugs. I mean us -- moms like me, and you.

The core of me is still the same. I'm still a liberal everything, a bleeding heart. But, I'm conservative now, too. By that, I mean, I'm strict with my time -- what I read, who I converse with, where I spend my money and how I spend my evenings and weekends.

I'm different.

I'm a mom now.


bella said...

Well said!

Shannon said...

Becoming a mom doesn't change much...just everything. :-)

Sophia said...

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BOSSY said...

Bossy wants to be you when she grows up.

Butterfly Girl said...

Becoming a mom changed everything for me as well. I too am more conscious about who I let around my kids and what we do as a family.

By the way the writing challenge was a great idea. It's been fun reading what others "someday" are.

Momma Bean said...

I really don't think I was ME until I became a mom. All the things you have written are things that I have felt in the past two years. It's like I am finally awake and more aware of things than ever before, and at the same time completely clueless to the world around me, wrapped in a cocoon of me and my girls.