Thursday, October 4, 2007

Someday I will ...

Someday, I will tell my girls about their grandfather, the one they will never meet, the one they will never share a meal with, the one I do not know. I will tell them that I grew up without a father. I will have to explain to them that some girls do not have daddies like the one who tucks them into bed every night. It won't matter to them that their grandfather lives hundreds of miles away, that he has only seen me once in the last 25 years or that he has another child of his own that he sees every day. None of that will matter. Someday, I will sit down and explain to my daughters that life is a zippy, curvy, crazy place and we just do not know where any of us will end up, or with whom. But, what matters ... what really matters is that they have me and their father forever and ever. They could move a trillion miles away, and I will follow. I brought them into this world, and that means I'm here for them until the end of time. (Or, at least until The Da! and I scrape together enough pennies to buy that little cabana-like mansion on Grand Cayman.)

Want to read more "Someday, I will" entries? Great! Follow me. Those submitted today will be added this afternoon.

You might first start off with Karen at Cheerio Road who delightfully sends wise words our way about the ever-so-important topic these days of happiness.

Then, slowly work your way over to Bella's entry at Beyond the Map. Not only does her writing mesmerize you, she'll tuck you in for a really cozy nap.

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In the Fast Lane writes about a longtime dream of hers that her husband just isn't buying into, yet.

Check out The Twinkies to read Stacie's post about dreams mixing with the reality of caring for twins. In one sentence, she writes, "I’m trying to let go of the illusion that if I just try a little harder I could be irreproachably perfect."

My dear blogging friend Shannon overcame her deadline phobia to write an entry, but not just any entry. She's got a beginning, a middle and an end that will leaving your heart racing.

Late to the game, but certainly proud to have her along for the ride ... read Jen's fabulous post on her blog The Road Less Traveled. I'm sure you'll relate. We all can.

Finally, go to the Zen of Motherhood and read lovely short that takes us back to Cheerio Road.

My deep appreciation to all of you who participated in this very first group writing project. It was fun hosting it!


Momma Bean said...

I couldn't bring myself to do it just yet. But I can't wait for more writing projects and someday the story of the Beans will be told!

lesleysmeshly said...

Thank you so much Shawn for hosting this fun project! Now I'm going to read the ones I missed. I'm ready for the next one! =)

Mama Zen said...

My future holds that same conversation.

Stacie said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

Shannon said...

Great someday. Okay, I just made it under the wire :-) But, it's done.

bella said...

Thanks for hosting this. Is that what you even call this? Still feel so new to the blogging world.

Anyway, your someday I will made me ache. Not just at the loss you have known but at the gift of honesty you will give your daughters. When they are ready, you will tell them and they will know you in a new way.

Now I'm off to read the other somedays.

Thanks again.

Following the Road said...

I loved this idea! I've got a post up over at my place. A little late, but I am the ultimate procrastinator.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I kept thinking "someday I will write my 'someday I will' post..." I wanted so much to join in, but just couldn't manage it right now. Maybe someday I will just read all the entries of the folks who did write... Hope you host another one in the future.

Gretchen said...

I'll never in a million lifetimes understand how any parent can willing walk away from a child. I could no more leave my two than cut off my head and live.

Anonymous said...

Someday your little girls will try to make it up to you. My little girl does. And it helps. xoxoxo

storyteller said...

Okay ... you've done it again! It's a good thing I'm "happily retired" with lots of time on my hands (with my sister and best friends out on the road in their RVs with husbands) or I'd HATE having all these links to follow up on :)

Once again, I've bookmarked them all in a folder labeled "Someday I will project" (the previous posts are in a folder labeled "10 Rules for living") plus I've added a link in the sidebar at Small Reflections for easy access and spreading the word.

I'm amazed at what you gals with little kids at home are able to do here. I feel like "Grandma" (or possibly "Great-Grandma" ... I never really feel my age until I'm around people YOUR age to remind me I'm not in my 40s any more even though I feel young) LOL

So ... when time permits, I'll be checking these out one by one ... and perhaps joining in (albeit late) as I continue my Blogging journey here in this virtual world.
Hugs and blessings,