Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday wishes

Dear Jadyn and Liana:

As I write this, you are fast asleep after another long, long day of being 1. But, just a few hours after you wake in the morning, you will soon turn 2. Having zero experience with twin 2-year-olds, I am not sure what to expect. I mean, I've heard both that it's a very hard age and that it's not too bad. Either way, I am prepared -- prepared to just sit back and watch you continue your quest to learn -- and turn -- the world inside out.

Jadyn: You continue to be my easy-going girl, though, lately have become a bit attached to my hip. I adore these cuddle sessions most of the time, but you and I both know that your sister needs some Mama time throughout the day.

If knowledge is power then you are going to be one very powerful little girl. You seem to know everything, including things we didn't teach you. You are now repeating nearly everything -- gasp! -- said aloud in your midst. One of your favorite words is butt. I think you say it, at times, 20 times in a row. It is a funny sounding word, though. You also say all gone and awesome, which both sound the same and so I have to listen carefully for the context.

You are very social, too. You think nothing of holding your arms out to a room of children and adults for hugs. You are strong and adventurous, too.

Liana: Is it safe to call you a Mama's girl even though we fight so much? You couldn't be more strong-headed, strong-willed and stubborn and while those traits frustrated me, I understand them immensely. You are not afraid to speak your mind and I know this will land you in some trouble some day. But, you have persistence and I find that to be a key to success.

You are a very thoughtful girl, too. Just this week, at our library playgroup, you experienced playing a real drum and thought it was a wonderful thing to do. So, you ran across the large room and grabbed your sister, who was coloring, and pushed her toward the drum to experience the fun. She indulged your wish. There have been other times, too, when you have shown empathy toward her when she is upset and crying or hurt.

You say many things just like Jadyn, but my favorite word is bonkey. I think you mean blanket, though I know I've heard you use this word in other circumstances. You are a bit more restrained in the outgoing department and then do stand back from other kids when it's time to play. But, you do watch and share and try to get along with others.

The two of you are so lucky to have each other and I see that special bond forming. Honestly, I am envious of it. I hope that your father and I can continue to show you the importance of family and being supportive to each other even as you grow up and lead separate lives. I hope that we can prove early that you have to nurture that sisterly bond your whole life. While being twins is certainly not that rare anymore, it is still very special.

Today, you will open your first present: a playhouse. I hope you create lots of special memories hanging out in it over the next few years. Please do not fight in it. Or over it. Or about it.

In fact, please do not fight at all. It makes me very sad. (and frustrated)

Tomorrow, you will open your second present: An easel. You both love to color and I hope this will inspire you to find your inner artists and create beautiful pieces of art.



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marta said...

Happy Birthday!

And since every child is different, this is useless, but I remember two as being fairly easy. This four year old stuff is HARD!

bella said...

Happy, happy birthday.
This chronicling of who they are becoming made me smile, no, beam.
And, as marta said, every child is different. But I found one to be much harder than two. And marta, i'm now clutched in fear as I get ready for four. :)
Shawn, I am thinking of you. Happy birthday to all of you.
much love.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Happy Birthday to both of your sweet Girlies!!
And Happy 2 year Anniversary of becoming a Momma, Shawn!
I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, fun-filled day and weekend. :)

village mama said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful little beings!

Anonymous said...

Please do not fight. Please love. Like ocean waves, an endless refrain, an inevitable cycle. But love has the last word!

I love you Shawn. I love your babies. Especially today and every day.

InTheFastLane said...

I hope they enjoyed their birthday and didn't fight over the playhouse :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful girls! Hope you enjoy your cupcakes (sugar highs are so much fun!)

lesleysmeshly said...

HUGE huggable birthday wishes for your beautiful girls!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

tlc said...

Hey Shawn,
What a great recollection of the beings that are brimming from your toddler girls! I know that your kind and peace seeking heart does not like fighting, of any sort, but hang in there. It is almost like never wanting your child to be sick, but they need to be exposed to germs to build up immunity to the bigger and more harmful ones. they are growing into the pants that they are going to wear for many years to come. They will take different things from their interactions and altercations that they have with one another. Most kids have to do this with children their age at school, who can be hurtful without the caring. The comforting and explaining is hard at times because you don't always know what kind of child you are dealing with that was the offender in the situation. You, on the other hand, will know the child and be able to explain and correct and comfort all at the same special time! You will have two very opposite morals to the same story. Sounds complicated, but it all works out. "Strong women derive mental strength from their physical nobilities as well as their collective knowledge". And unfortunately, the ones who are closest are the ones you are going to test the boundaries upon. It will be hard to be a referee, but I am alot of the time and mine are 4 1/2 years apart. I know your plate will be alot fuller with the same phases and interests at hand. I know if there is anyone who can do this, it is you! Once again, Happy Birthday Jadyn & Liana...I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET YOU BOTH!!!

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday Jadyn & Liana! You are so lucky to have the mama that you have. She is going to prepare you well for the world that you'll grow up in.

This was a beautiful letter. Thanks for sharing.

Bastet said...

Happy Birthday! 2 will be great.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday girls! As a mom of 2.5 year old b/g twins, I can honestly (and happily) tell you that 2 has been GREAT! Frustrating at times, sure, but the "I can communicate with you easily" stage beats the hell out of the "cry til Mommy figures it out" stage. I have enjoyed this year and my kids' independence immensely (so far!).

RocketMom said...

Happy Birthday, little ones. You've got a wonderful and sensitive mama.

Momma Bean said...

Happy birthday, happy birthday! Jadyn, you sound so much like Audrey, and Liana like Margaret. What a blessing youm two are, to your Mama and your family. Enjoy your special day!