Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pardon this interruption, but ...

I am just completely dumbfounded by the decision for Judith Stadtman Tucker, who publishes The Mothers Movement -- an online resource dedicated to the advancement of mothers everywhere -- has endorsed Obama for president.

Read it for yourself here and then return and tell me what you think of her decision to NOT endorse the only candidate who is a mother.

(By the way, I am not saying that Obama isn't a good choice.)

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Bastet said...

I think a lot of criticism has been thrown at women (Tucker and Oprah) for not supporting a woman candidate. I am not sure that is fair. While I would like to see a woman in the white house, I just can't base my vote on that.

My decision on which candidate I will vote for, has to provide the most for my family and situation.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Hey, your blog is a new color! Sorry, I got distracted for a minute.

Well, you probably know what I think. I just don't understand why so many women don't see ignoring the gender of the candidates as effectively discriminating against the one woman who's running.

Oh, I can't wait to cast my vote for Hillary -- soon, soon! :)

Jozet at Halushki said...

Well, it's ironic for sure.

I'm still in my own, slow, information gathering stage, so I really can't comment other than to say that vision, judgment, and experience all count for something, surely...as broad strokes go. I'd like more a more detailed analysis and explanation of why Senator Obama is the best fit for MMO. But that's just me. I need some things spelled out.

Shawn said...

Well, I could write a book about this topic, but my thought process is a lot like Halushki's ... why Obama? And, more importantly to me, why not Hilary? She's qualified. She could handle the job. AND, she's a mother.

Shawn said...

Bastet: You're probably right, but at the same time Hilary's campaign has not been treated equally in many ways because of her connection to her husband. Never is a man's wife a part of the equation.

Also, Oprah isn't a mother so I don't expect her to make a decision based on that.

I will say this, though ... Obama is a great speaker and I know he would inspire this country in great ways just through that manner alone.

~Amber~ said...

GO HILARY!!!!!! I absolutely love her, not because she is a mom, but because I have read her books. She is extremely intelligent, way more than any of the other candidates, on both sides, and she has been in the White House before. I think she has America's best interest at heart for sure :) My wanting her as President has nothing to do with her gender, but it is a nice addition!

Shelli said...

I am wholly ignorant on all politics, which I know...that's really bad. But I will chose the person who I think is the right candidate. Race and gender won't be big factors.

Anonymous said...

All politics is personal. Everything, everywhere, all the time is personal. So much for non-partisan. Interestingly, I think the very thing that is Hillary's strength is her weakness. And the thing that is Obama's weakness is still his weakness, but looks like a comparative strength. Hillary is carrying a lot with her, a lot that is not hers to carry and yet is very difficult to see her without. Obama carries very little in that regard and so we are free to imprint him with whatever we like. It is so very hard to see things with open eyes, but our kids do all the time. These are fortunate times in the Democratic party either way. We'll just have to see if it's enough to save the world. THAT's what would be best for the children.

Anonymous said...

And hey wait Shawn. You're all growed up! And right before my eyes. Between the Lines amen!

ONEDIA said...

Shawn, ( another long comment -- I am afraid)

Didn't know about the MMO , so thanks for bringing to my attention!.

As a woman who was in a very male dominated profession for 20 years I often railed against the idea that women should learn from other women exclusive of men and other women only groups, conferences, classes etc. I learned from those who had something worthwhile to offer. I state this as preamble to the fact that I refuse to vote for(or against) someone for this (an extraordinaryily important election) critical election because of gender, race, or other such factors.

That said, I believe that both Clinton and Obama are immensely qualified. I have been solidly on Obama's bandwagon for over a year for a number of reasons. However, As I have heard Clinton speak and seen her respond to feedback by changing the way she presented herself, I have become undecided about the candidates.

I must say that there are attributes of Clinton (Hillary of course) that resonate with me because I am of the opinion that she is a kinder and more compassionate (and passionate) person than is publically apparent. Lately, her candidacy has been ill served by the former president.

The point is that as endorsements start coming in, I find them informative but not necessarily helpful in pushing me to one side or another....I do know that our country desperately needs an exceptional leader right now!

Anonymous said...

Go Hillary! Both candidates are so exciting--Obama and Hillary. I do notice that the liberal men I know always seem so gung-ho about racial equality, the environment, etc., but they usually leave the women to fend for themselves. The ones I know have all expressed pretty deeply felt anti-Hillary sentiments and are so pro-Obama. She evokes rage--just like Pelosi does. It is sad.

She may not make the best president because she doesn't present herself in the way people expect a woman to, and struggles to come across well at times--but she is smart, and she is a workhorse. I know she will work ten times harder than the current administration.

People have the right to vote for who they want to--but it's very important that we pay attention to how we all react to Hillary. I think there is a lot to learn here.