Sunday, November 25, 2007

The evolution of language

I remember the days when I would sit at my computer in the morning, listening to the monitor, as the girls woke up.

"Da!" they would say for everything.

One would say Da, the other would respond with Da.

Now, words -- intelligible, wonderful, glorious words -- come out of their mouths as they sit in waiting for their Mama.

"Hi," they say in whispy voices to each other.

"Mamadadamamadadamamadada," follows, probably with some sign language intermixed as well.

Sometimes they say Dodo, which for you laymen means dog.

Sometimes it's wawa, which means water.

And, the latest, which happens to be my favorite.


Let the fun begin.

Thank goodness for the English Language and the creation of the word Elmo.

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Shelli said...

I love listening to Aidan's words and sounds through our monitor in the mornings.

bella said...

Leo learning and then speaking words was truly one of my favorite experiences in this life. It never ceased to amaze me. It made me so happy.
He still will spin new ones that leave me standing in awe, mouth opened wide. Like when he said splendid the other day. and rock n' roll. and blustery.
Enjoy their words. :)

Shannon said...

We are in awe every day now of what comes out of their mouth. Jayden was sitting on my lap yesterday and his brother brought me a cup. Jayden pointed to their dad and said "daddy more milk" We about fell on the floor since he usually only says "dat." They are amazing. Tye also pointed to my cup this morning and said "coffee". But, on the down side, he's saying something when he drops stuff that sounds a lot like "oh shit"-- oops :-)