Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Law According to ... Round 2

When we're young, we take risks because we do not know better. As we age, we stop taking those risks because we know better. Which is more important? To live freely, without worries or to be comfortable, but running the risk of complacency?

I am not able to take risks anymore, at least not physically. These days, a risk for me is starting a MySpace page, deciding to tear down wallpaper, or ordering a great piece of art for art's sake.

When I was young -- and Mom Mom, don't read this -- I didn't always follow the rules. I did things to my body -- both physically and emotionally -- that now, in hindsight, I realize were not particularly healthy or productive.

But, the people, those places, that lifestyle helped me become who I am now. It all led me here, to this place, this cozy, beautiful, chaotic life ...

Where I set the rules and watch them be broken a million times a day, often with a smile, usually with a smirk of hope. From me. From them.

I see it in them ... at almost 23 months, they understand the world around them. They know the rules, they like them even, but they test them. They walk right up into the rules faces and taunt them with their pumpkin preserve-covered lips and sticky hands. They pump their chests like little gorillas at the rules. They pull the rug right out from under the rules. They drag the rules all over the house.

And, 98 percent of the day, I let them.


The Great Writing Project -- Day Two

The newest entries for 10 Rules to Live By are listed at the top of this list. The others, below, are those I have already told you about here.

Kelli at The Zen of Motherhood has written a fantastic little list that will make you laugh and cheer. Happy Belated Birthday, Mama Zen!

Not to be confused with ...

Momma Zen's Zen in Ten, which is a powerful list, simply stated. What I love about this list, and everything Karen writes, is that it's just the obvious that somehow, some way, gets lost in our cluttered thoughts.

Sarah over at That's Life v. 2.0 finished her A to Z project, and is now tackling numbers. That's right, she's written a post on the Number 10.

New to the party, I'm proud to introduce Moanna from Desperately Seeking Serenity and her 10 Rules, which I found to be extremely humorous and right on. I, personally, love Number 2. And, she's dedicated to world peace ... how can you not visit her blog?

From Day One

Shelli of Mama of Letters


And, for Gary's list go here.

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PJ Hoover said...

Maybe you need a new definition of risk?? Risks may not be the same as when we were younger, but it's still important to try new things you are afraid of.
Signing up to give a speech.
Taking a class you've wanted to take.
Attending a meeting where you know no one.
The risks may not be as extreme and dangerous, but keeping the "Feel the Fear and do it anyway" attitude is a great one to work on incorporating into life.
(I say this as it's one of the areas I'm working on myself.)

Shannon said...

I second pj's comment.
This is so fun, I love seeing everyone's different perspective's on life.

Shawn said...

When you put it that way, PJ and Shannon, you're completely right. I do need to change my definition of risk. In fact, once I read what you wrote it dawned on me that, perhaps, I'm taking more risks than ever right now. Hmm. Way to bring about an epiphany in my comments!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Thanks for hosting -- and for the great topic -- another wonderful diverse day of posts.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

The testing of the rules...I don't think it will ever end. I'm still testing!

Shelli said...

I don't think that I've found any rule on any of the blogs that I disagree with. You have a great bunch of readers!