Friday, November 23, 2007

Unhappy Holiday Moments

I'd like to lie and say that our Thanksgiving was perfect -- storybook perfect. And, yet, the climax of the day -- the middle of the book -- was much like that, with a game of tossing acorns in the air and running to catch slippery, evasive leaves in the windy air. That part of the story includes a lovely dinner with wonderful relatives, and many happy moments while at my daughters' great-grandparent's house.

And yet ...

There have been some brutal moments, too. Like endless crying, a toddler wanting only Da, then me, then Da, then me. Food refusals. Lots of food refusals. Bedtime disasters. Early rising. Lack of interest in anything but being held. Me losing my temper. A fight. Guilt. Lots and lots of guilt. Making up. A messy, chaotic house. A headache. Shopping nightmares both without a stroller, with a stroller and in a cart.

But, we all love cheesecake, and that seems to make us all a little happier.

Here's to hoping that this Thanksgiving becomes the Year of Cheesecake, and storybook endings.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

We had dinner with friends and were remarking that, with all the kids old enough to entertain themselves, pitch in a little and sit at a kids' table and feed themselves, this was the most stress free and enjoyable Thanksgiving in years. They'll only get better and better...

InTheFastLane said...

I think many holidays are like this. There is so much lead up, that there is bound to be times that it all just falls apart. But, at least you can see the good parts too. That is what motherhood it about - treasuring the good parts and enduring the others.

bella said...

I feel for you.
With all the build up and commotion, its hard on them as kids. Its why we went away this year, without other people. Because sometimes the stimulation is overwhelming for everyone.
I'm happy there was cheescake. It does have a way of helping.
Thinking of you.

Shannon said...

Thinking of you, too. Hope the after-holiday time is calmer (but also includes cheesecake :-)