Saturday, November 17, 2007

Say ... duck!

I had heard horror stories. Just awful stories.

OK, not really horror stories. But, rather, complaints about photographers not being very good with their young twins.

So, I pretty much avoided having them done. Between that and the mere fact that it is nearly impossible to get two of them in a decent mood, dressed cute and out the door on time for anything.

But, we did it today thanks to our Unitarian Universalist Congregation who scheduled the days for members to have their family photos taken.

And it went off without meltdowns.

Everyone, including me, smiled. The photographer, and his stuffed duck, were very good.

It was beautiful.

I'm no longer afraid of professional photographers. Just the opposite, actually, I might be a tad addicted after seeing just how cute the pictures turned out.

Sure, we spent too much money, and we could have probably gotten a better deal and cuter pictures elsewhere, but can you say, "Christmas presents?"

Just wait until you see them.

I'm one Grateful Mama today.

Thank you for visiting today.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I have professional photographs taken of the kids at regular intervals (every birthday and sometimes other occasions -- more often when they were babies). They weren't always at their best, but somehow the photographers always managed to get a few good ones -- but of course, I wasn't trying to do it with twins! Can't wait to see yours!

bella said...

It's pretty amazing when you see what "professional" can get your kid/s to do that would NEVER work if you went it alone.
Can't wait to see the pictures.

Shelli said...

We attend a Unitarian Universalist church too! Well, when we can. It's hard with a little one.

Bastet said...

ah yes, we leave birthdays and Christmas to the professionals! LOL! They tend to bring out the best in our child, and not only that, they get shots of her face rather than her foot in the air, or the back of her head. LOL! Flash-backs of the "perfect" Christmas card last year are flashing through my head! LOL!

Candace & Anna said...

I am glad it turned out so well. I hope you will be posting one so we can all see them! Either that or we will have to exchange Christmas cards this year lol.