Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Twins and more twins

I had to laugh this morning watching the news, which is only a very new part of my morning routine since every other morning of the last two years has been chaos.

I sat, with my coffee cup in hand, listening to four sets of parents talk with The Today Show about the odd coincidence that four sets of twins were born in one 24-hour period. That's right, you heard me: four sets of parents with newborn twins that are only three days old were up early, dressed, and doing interviews on television with Matt Lauer. Of course, that's not the funny part, that's just the annoying part.

The funny part was as they described the miracle of it all, the amazement they had, the double blessings ... my twins were head-butting each other, pushing and fighting over breathing the same air or over the same speck of dust.

Twins certainly are miracles, aren't they? It's a wonder they live to see Age 3.

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Not the Mama said...

Given how good looking your two are, I think all those parents would probably hate you. :-D

While you can just sit back and post a cute photo like you have, they have to get up early for the today show to compete!

I think my daughter came out pretty darn cute--she looks like me, after all, so she couldn't have been that bad :-D--but yours have just about anybody's beat, I should imagine.

Kudos to you on them.

LauraC said...

I almost spit out my coffee... it will be a miracle if Nate and Alex make it to age 3!!!

I am trying to imagine myself with Nate and Alex 3 days old on TV. How would their feeding tubes look? How would my post-partum sweatiness look? Would Matt Lauer ask me if I had a bowel movement yet and hand me some more pain pills and stool softeners?!?!

Shannon said...

I knew everyone on tv was full of crap. :-)

Anonymous said...

making me grateful for the "miracle" that our TV broke.

Shawn said...

Not the Mom: I'm putting on my boots right now.

Shannon: You're right; they were lying.

Karen: NO TV? What would you do with a set of twins all day then? : )

Not The Mama said...

What's so funny, as I told Shannon in an email earlier, where she swore it was just a coincidence, is how all of you keep coming back to the pooh metaphors and references. You're killing me, here! LOL :-D

And I realize if I say anything more, it'll really dissipate a sincere thought even more, but they are. And besides, I'm not sure what ethnicity the couples on the show were, but only African American babies come out looking good: white babies suck! :-o Oh, I mean they're nasty, mine included!

They can grow out of it and into cute like several of yours I have seen here have, and mine, too, I guess, but man, oh, man! a white baby is NOT cute the first little bit. SO, those on that show could not have been anything but ugly. Thus, no competition and only something serving to make the rest of our properly baked children look better! :-D

Like Bill Cosby says: put him back in, put him back in, he's not done yet! I use pictures of mine in the garden every year to keep the birds out! ;-p (Shannon and I have a running challenge to see who can possibly scar there current little one's the most by the time they reach adolescence... so far, I think I'm ahead...

Of course, her sticking hers out this morning in 30 degree weather for a hose bath in the backyard may be putting her in the lead :-O).

Michelle (the beartwinsmom) said...

Oh if only you knew what is in store for you when your Twinadoes turn 6....

My duo will be 7 in January, and let me tell you, the preschool years were definitely a roller coaster ride!!! But, we survived, and now have new sets of challenges every day.

I hate it when people of singletons ask "How do you do it?" and I tell them "How do I not do it? This is all I know." It's like I have some secret formula for raising twins. It does and doesn't get easier. The old challenges fade away for new ones. You just have to be a good juggler and learn how to pick your battles wisely.

Now if I can remember my own advice tomorrow! LOL