Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to photograph twin toddlers

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Lucky for me, I have a set of gorgeous babies to take pictures of every day. Lucky for me, I am home to do it all day. Because, let me tell you, girlies, getting either one of you to stay still long enough for a photograph these days is pretty difficult.

Getting BOTH of you to stay still long enough in the same frame -- nearly impossible.

Alas, my tips for getting some memorable, photos of twin toddlers:

1. Patience is key. You must have the camera ready at all times for those perfect moments that arise when you least expect them. Plan all you want and you know how that will turn out: crabby, fussy, crying babies. Best times are just after a meal or when out and about.

2. Try and find one object they both like and will focus on long enough while you can take a few shots. Place that object on the floor between them. Colorful objects are best so that they look OK in the picture.

3. While they are finally sitting or standing in a decent frame, make as many silly noises as possible. Have something -- a favorite stuffed animal or toy -- to hold up so you can get them to look at you now and then.

4. Stand very close. As close as possible. This is hard with two quick-moving tots so you have to be ready to change position. When they break up, take that opportunity to take individual shots.

5. Use props like wagons, toddler chairs, steps and stoops to keep them contained.

6. Ask them questions that they are bound to answer: where is your tongue, for instance? Those can make great, fun photographs for the scrapbooks or albums.

For more great photo tips, check out the blog In the Trenches of Motherhood. She offers some great insight to photographs, in general.

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Anonymous said...

You two are the cutest little girls ever!
Nicole and Braydon