Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yummy Toddler Food Wednesdays

LB and BG,

Other blogs tend to stick with certain topics on certain days so I thought I would try that for us. On Wednesdays, we'll share our too-good-to-spit-out recipes just for toddlers. Picky ones, at that.

This week, you have been enjoying -- and thank you for doing so -- Chicken and Apple bites. Basically, they are meatballs. Because we are so busy with doctors appointments trying to get Lady Bug better, there is no time for proper measurements.

The basic recipe is like this: Take a package of ground chicken, one apple peeled, cored and shredded, some fresh parsley, some chicken stock and combine. Roll into bite-sized balls and pan fry 5 to 6 minutes until cooked through. To avoid getting them too crispy, I finished them up in the microwave for a half minute or so.

The great thing about meatballs or meatloaves is that we can sneak just about anything into your diet in one tricky, and very tasty bite.

Perhaps in the future we will share photos, but for this week, it's enough to get this recipe posted.

Anyone else have a great picky toddler recipe to share with us?

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