Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Toddler Activities

Dear Lady Bug and Baby Girl:

Though it is officially spring, winter weather will be pounding down on us again, starting today. This means that instead of going outside to talk long walks or experimenting with different tastes of rocks, grasses and mulch, we will be inside, staying warm.

This is not a problem. We managed the entire winter without (hardly) feeling bored. The reason is because of the Internet. You see, the World Wide Web, is a dear friend of mine, I know it well. And, after many searches, I discovered a multitude (sorry, many) Web sites to help Mamas like me entertain babies your age.

One of my first stops when I'm looking for an idea for late morning or mid-afternoon is here. It's where the best of our ideas come from -- like the parachute game we play, like the paintings you each did that are hanging on the refridgerator.

But, I also like here and here when I know we need to really fill some time, like on those days you just won't nap. I know, you don't mean for those days to be so rough on Mama.

Anyway, this Sunday is Easter. And, I'm thrilled to tell you that you will be given your first Easter Baskets filled by me. I have been working on them long and hard. I hope you enjoy them and, mostly, I hope you don't eat that grass-stuff filling that will be inside. My point is this: Lil Duck Duck is a blog I read often and find to be one of the best out there for me since I'm all about life with toddlers, and eating. The blog has recently put out a ton of great stuff about filling Easter baskets for toddlers.

Lastly, I have found some sites that you just aren't ready for despite my good intentions. I long for the day when you will enjoy this. We've tried this, but you weren't interested in anything but pounding the mouse and keyboard. We'll try again in several months. Or winters.

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Nancy said...

Your girls are just beautiful! I hope you all have a lovely first Easter.

And thanks for the great links -- I've already bookmarked a couple of them for my own girls!