Friday, April 20, 2007

The wait-and-see game

Dear Buggaboo,

Can I just say what a strong, resilient girl you are?

Despite a growth hanging out under your chin that is raw and tender and painful, you plow on. The twinkle in your eyes -- the one that has always captured young and old -- is still there, but we can tell it's on a dim setting. You don't smile as much, or laugh as much, or scream as much -- but that is OK. You will feel better soon. An infected lymph node is a serious matter, but it is easy to overcome.

Here's hoping for an improvement in the next two days. You've been through so much this past week. Just the sight of the doctor makes your lips quiver. He -- nor I -- can blame you one bit. Enough is enough.

Play on, Happy Girl!

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