Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday's Real Theme: Tears

LByrd and JByrd:

The birds were lovely today, weren't they? Those nests we built, very neat, huh?

Yeah, right. You both fought like birds trying to catch a worm, or a crumb or something. Pushing, pulling, slapping ... oh, my!

It started just after we built the nests. I made the mistake of bringing in some twigs from the yard. You promptly discovered that they make great weapons to swing, hit and, ultimately, hurt each other -- and me.

You cried from about that point on.

Why is it when I have the slightest bit of expectations for our day, an activity, a meal that those are the very same ones that end up in disaster? Why-o-why, sweet twins?

Clearly tired, you wouldn't nap in the same room so my separation technique worked -- for one of you! The other -- and you know exactly who you are -- woke up in a screaming-bloody-murder kind of squawk that clearly meant the ceiling had caved in on your little meaty legs. Nope. I never did figure out what upset you so. Either way, nap ruined. Thanks for that half hour "break."

By the end of the day, though, you were angels again. I set up a big pillow on your cushy puzzle mat with all of your ring stackers and puzzles and you had a great time stacking and matching puzzle pieces to their shapes. I was so proud that you could do these since we've hardly worked on them.

Perhaps the weather will clear and be kinder to us tomorrow because, clearly, we three girlfriends need some fresh air in the middle of our day in order to have a decent day.

Today's highlights:

Jbyrd has learned how to stuff her entire arm down a tube of a toy and then utter "uh." "uh." "uh." A real "urgent" whisper sound that means I need to go rescue the damsel in distress. That's a keeper for the books.

Lbyrd has started forcing me to sing songs, especially "The Wheels on the Bus" by doing a movement of the song. Most of the time she swings her arm to mimick the wipers of the bus. That is also the move she does for all the other movements in the song. She now walks frantically from room to room, swinging that same arm as well. Just for fun, I guess. Because I ain't singing "The Wheels on the Bus," again today!

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